Other TRACT® Fall ’15 Release Features: Usage Allocation Pooling, Agreement True-Up Adjustments and Enhancements to Promotions and Discounts

Austin, Texas – September 22, 2015Gotransverse, the award-winning leader in innovative monetization solutions, announced new capabilities for TRACT®, its cloud-based billing and revenue automation platform. In the latest release, available now, the SaaS billing platform fortified its connectivity to Salesforce® with even more robust functionality and significant usability improvements, ultimately providing better real-time analysis of shared billing data.

“Customer service is transforming into a more proactive model. By enabling customer relationship management solutions with robust access to real-time billing data, business leaders can get in front of potential issues and generate an exceptional customer experience right from the start,” says James Messer, Founder and CEO of Gotransverse. “It’s not simply about selling a product anymore. Successful businesses are focusing on using customer data to better manage services, generate new revenue streams and be more efficient. We are helping them do that.”

Critical cloud data integrations are a highlight of this release, including enhanced integration support between TRACT® and Salesforce®. Users can now download TRACT® generated invoices directly from within Salesforce® as well as have enhanced visibility into billing account service hierarchies and relationships, so charges can be easily understood and communicated. The update streamlines the entire account management process by giving users the ability to renew and deactivate TRACT® billing services directly from within Salesforce®.

The latest enhancements leverage TRACT’s ability to establish pool sharing relationships. In allocation pooling, each member contributes to the pool, which can be distributed in the event of overages. Usability enhancements, invoice template improvements, and additional API query options all give users greater visibility into allocation pooling management. This feature enables increases flexibility and usage management across billing account services.

TRACT® Fall ’15 also includes more options for scheduling charges and enhanced support for minimum commitment charges. Users gain greater flexibility and control to match their billing automation to their business and go-to-market processes. Enhanced API support allows users to define, query, and manage true-up agreement definitions automatically without the need for duplicate manual data entry. More detailed invoicing and reporting compliments the enhanced functionality and raises visibility and accountability into true-up charge calculations.

Defining product based discount incentives has always been one of the most powerful features of TRACT®. In this release, enhancements to discount code configuration, including the ability to extend (or shorten) an active service discount, improve the overall management and flexibility of defined discounts.

For more information, please visit our product documentation at documentation.gotransverse.com.

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Gotransverse powers leading-edge companies who push conventional boundaries with disruptive product and services offerings. The TRACT® platform supports the monetization of any combination of one-time, subscription, and usage-based offerings with near real-time metering, rating and native revenue recognition. The result is top-line revenue growth, faster time-to-market, visibility into revenue streams and operational savings. Our customer base includes publicly traded and privately held companies typically technology-focused in cloud solutions, digital entertainment and media, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine-to-Machine (M2M), logistics and hosting/managed services. Visit www.gotransverse.com to learn more.

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