Enhancements to the intelligent billing platform include new prepaid balance functionality, discount stacking, and multi-payment support.

AUSTIN, Texas — February 14, 2017 — Gotransverse, the award-winning leader in dynamic monetization solutions, today announced that the Winter ‘17 release of TRACT helps customers embrace new business models and reduce customer churn through new prepaid balance functionality, discount stacking, multi-payment support and more.

“We continuously put the needs of our customers and our customers’ customers at the forefront of our platform development efforts,” said James Messer, CEO of Gotransverse. “This latest release is no different. Our focus on usability, flexibility and extensibility allows customers to experiment with new selling strategies and pricing models while mitigating customer churn.”

Enhancing Prepaid Services for New Business Approaches

Prepaid services are a popular business model being embraced in unique ways by our customers from messaging to magazines to higher education. End-customers load funds into a prepaid account and drawdown on the balance through usage consumption. TRACT Winter ‘17 release adds the ability to automatically replenish the balance on the account using the auto-payment method on file based on threshold and replenishment rules. Customers can also have multiple prepaid registries (gift cards) associated with one billing account with no limit on the number of balances allowed. In the case of higher education, this can allow a student to have registries for books, tuition, food, housing, etc. associated with their one master billing account at the university, which aids in the tracking of scholarships, grants, and financial aid. These unique registries can be automatically replenished with each new semester, making it easy for both students and the university.

Discounting Strategies Decrease Customer Churn

In hyper-competitive markets like over-the-top streaming services, customer retention is critical. One strategy employed by leading providers is the concept of stacking and serializing discounts. TRACT Winter ‘17 allows customers to offer multiple discounts on a service, applied in a serial order, helping to pre-plan and streamline renewals, scheduled pricing changes and more. With enhanced flexibility for discounts, our customers have more opportunities to keep their customers on their services while decreasing administrative overhead in service management.

Increasing Options for Payment Collection

Ensuring that end-customers have multiple payment options on file helps increase the likelihood of subscriber renewal and decreases the time to payment collection. TRACT Winter ‘17 supports the ability to have multiple active payment methods on a single billing account, designate which active payment method should be used for auto-payments and which to deactivate. Braintree was added as an additional payment gateway, and the Stripe payment gateway now supports Diner’s Club credit cards.

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