Success Story: Hemisphere GNSS

Hemisphere GNSS is a global leader in high-performance satellite positioning, with hardware and solutions sold in 55 countries. A pioneer of the GNSS industry, the company’s high-precision positioning solutions address a wide variety of location-based applications, including marine, survey and heavy machinery control for mining, construction and agriculture. Hemisphere launched Atlas™, an innovative, high-accuracy GNSS global corrective positioning service, in 2015.

“Due to the high level of technology and complexity involved, we needed something far more intricate than just a click-and-buy e-commerce site. Gotransverse’s TRACT® has been instrumental in helping us implement the back-end of our customer portal,” explained Shayne Proskow, Hemisphere’s Manager of Sales Operations. “We looked at other solutions, everything from the Amazon type e-commerce to other high-end models. We quickly found out our needs were far too complex for those services.”

Challenge: To launch a new disruptive service in a mature industry, Hemisphere needed to architect a technology stack that could handle the complexity yet provide a delightful customer and partner experience.

Solution: TRACT by Gotransverse is the “heart” of the Atlas Portal, managing all the provisioning, pricing, billing, revenue management and more.