SIIA interview with CODiE Award Winner goTransverse

Jennifer Baranowski, the Awards Director at SIIA talks with James Messer, founder and CEO of Gotransverse, about the award-winning TRACT platform, which won the CODiE Award for Best Internet of Things Solution in 2016.

Mr. Messer discusses his long background in the industry, including having built three billing companies which went on to become market leaders in their space. Seeing the growth of cloud services, Messer and his peers realized there wasn’t a solution using modern elastic cloud infrastructure. So he brought together some of the smartest people in the billing industry and dedicated themselves to building a solution that would monetize cloud-based events better than any other solution available.

In the interview, Messer explains how TRACT is set apart from the competition. He describes how the native cloud-based agile monetization subscription management platform addresses the challenges business face when they rapidly deploy (and massively scale) new product and services, especially with consumption-based usage models. “We are a monetization engine specially engineered for real-time events in an IoT environment,” explains Messer.

In addition, Baranowski and Messer discuss some of the most important and unique features of TRACT, especially its rating capabilities. They talk about how the platform can be used to determine the cost of delivery or service and underlying products as well as monetize the event. TRACT provides rating and re-rating functionality, correcting errors on the fly. As Messer puts it, the award-winning platform can “monetize a remarkably complex usage environment, like IoT, and make it look simple. It’s revolutionary in billing and it makes me incredibly proud of our world-class team."

Watch the video to find out more about how the team at Gotransverse is at the forefront of the promise of the IoT revolution and monetization.