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Oct 19, 2021 Company News

Gotransverse's Team Catalyst Project Wins TM Forum’s "Best Ecosystem Design" Award

Last week, we announced our team catalyst project, Supercharge 5G Monetization with a B2B2X Marketplace, was a finalist for the TM Program's Catalyst award for the "Best Ecosystem Design" category. This award category recognizes the team that best uses CurateFx throughout their project cycle to define and capture business requirements, design their ecosystem, and scope the project. Today, we're thrilled to announce that our team forum catalyst project — which includes team members from Salesfo…
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Oct 11, 2021 Company News

Gotransverse Advances as Finalist for the TM Catalyst Award

Over the last few weeks, we have been honored to join the TM Program. Today we are thrilled to announce our catalyst project, Supercharge 5G Monetization with a B2B2X Marketplace, is a finalist for a catalyst team award in the "Best Ecosystem Design" category. Catalysts intend to be fast-paced proof-of-concept projects whereby large and small companies collaborate to create innovative solutions to challenges plaguing communications services providers (CSPs). We celebrate the success of our coll…
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Oct 06, 2021 Thought Leadership

Gotransverse in Forbes: Self-Service Billing to Enhance the Customer Experience

“Self-service has evolved well beyond the initial buying decision. Once they have made a purchase or signed up for a new service, customers tend to expect total control over their accounts, including billing. That’s why companies should consider billing to be an extension of the customer experience.” - Gotransverse Founder & CEO James Messer, in Forbes This month in Forbes, Gotransverse Founder, and CEO James Messer wrote about how the rising demand for self-service technology has increased…
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Sep 28, 2021 Thought Leadership

Prepaid Billing, Anyone?

With more and more businesses transitioning from one-off sales and simple subscriptions into usage-based billing, there are any number of models to choose from in an effort to grow revenue, entice new customers, and encourage long-term relationships with existing customers. However, there’s one in particular that’s gaining ground in a surprising variety of industries: prepaid billing. What Is Prepaid Billing? Prepaid — or stored value — models allow customers to “preload” their accounts with a…
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Sep 22, 2021 Thought Leadership

Streamlining Billing & Settlements for Marketplaces

Marketplaces — online retail platforms that act as storefronts for multiple businesses — are nothing particularly new. From home goods to technology and beyond, marketplaces allow brands to leverage these platforms to find new customers. Marketplaces have been especially advantageous to small and midsized businesses looking for new ways to attract customers and bring in revenue in the ongoing wake of COVID-19. However, as the demand for these marketplaces grows — and as marketplaces must compet…
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Sep 14, 2021 Company News

Gotransverse Is Thrilled to Join TM Forum

At Gotransverse we know that, as businesses and individuals, our networks make us stronger. That’s why we’ve invested so much time and energy into building our ecosystem, creating partnerships and integrations twith powerful platforms like Snowflake, Workday, Salesforce, MATRIXX and more. These relationships give us the ability to go even further in helping our customers implement our agile billing platform amid their quote-to-cash digital transformation and solve their most pressing business p…
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Sep 10, 2021 Thought Leadership

In Billing, One Size Doesn’t Fit All

We’ve talked a lot on this blog about how the billing process is crucial to the customer experience, which is true for both B2B and B2C companies. From the very first presales discussion on, every step in the quote-to-cash process is an opportunity to provide a frictionless customer experience — including a frictionless behind-the-scenes experience. But then why does billing so often seem like an afterthought? Because, when done correctly, the customer hardly notices it’s happening. They check …
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Aug 31, 2021 Thought Leadership

Gotransverse in Forbes: Slowing Revenue Leakage in Recurring Revenue Models

“When you have a business built on recurring revenue, revenue leakage becomes a recurring problem. Any time you have a recurring revenue or subscription-based model, the causes of lost billing revenue tend to be built into the system. To stop the leaks, you need to identify what aspects of your billing infrastructure need to be changed.” - James Messer, Founder and CEO, Gotransverse, in Forbes. This month in Forbes, Gotransverse Founder and CEO James Messer tackled the messy topic of revenue le…
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Aug 27, 2021 Thought Leadership

Think Subscription Models Won’t Work in Your Industry? These Businesses May Prove You Wrong.

Subscription billing models seem like no-brainers for SaaS companies, streaming media services and products buyers use up and repurchase regularly. More and more, however, businesses in a wide range of industries are getting creative and adding recurring revenue models to their offerings. In fact, Salesforce found in 2019 that more than half of finance executives say at least 40 percent of their current revenues are recurring, and even more expect to reach that level within the next 5 years. Th…
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Aug 19, 2021 Thought Leadership

Two Forrester Now Tech Reports Feature Gotransverse Billing Management Solutions

The Gotransverse team is thrilled to share that Forrester has featured our billing management solution in two of its Q3 2021 Now Tech reports: B2B SaaS Recurring Billing Management Solutions and Recurring B2C SaaS Billing Management Solutions. “The billing experience is pivotal to a customer’s journey — an experience whose emotional potency is particularly evident when something goes wrong,” says Forrester in the introduction to both reports. “But evolving business models make it harder to get …
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