Mar 25, 2020 Thought Leadership

Compliance and Security at Gotransverse

“Compliance and security is very important to Gotransverse. It tells us we’re managing customers’ data in correct and proper manner, and it gives our customers a level of comfort with the way we manage their data.” - Geoff Coleman, COO, Gotransverse.In today’s climate, data security is top of mind for most companies, and rightly so. For many companies in the last decade, data breaches have led to legal and financial nightmares—not to mention broken customer relationships. Consumers want to ensu…
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Mar 18, 2020 Company News

The Gotransverse Customer Success Program: With You Every Step of the Way

At Gotransverse, our mission is to help our client companies grow and scale through a cloud-based, agile and highly configurable billing platform. We also know how frustrating it can be for a business to invest in a software solution and then find themselves unable to use it to its fullest potential. That’s why we pride ourselves not only on our white-glove software implementation but on our post-implementation Customer Success Program. Providing market premium support to all of our customers, …
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Mar 11, 2020 Thought Leadership

Powering Growth Through Agile Business Processes

“Business growth strategies rely on new revenue streams, which necessitate new and agile pricing models that can adapt to changing market needs. Thanks to the web, consumers are demanding more pay-as-you-go and fee-based products and services, and businesses are necessarily adapting internal business processes to accommodate agile pricing strategies. Without the ability to pivot pricing strategies rapidly, companies will not be able to optimize or will miss out on new revenue opportunities.” - …
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Mar 05, 2020 Product Insights

Collecting Every Payment, Every Time: Gotransverse’s Collection & Dunning Capabilities

How much time would you estimate your organization’s finance team spends tracking down late payments? How much revenue does your company have to write off as a result of unpaid invoices? How many customers have been lost due to payment challenges?As a company grows, incorporating subscription and usage-based pricing models and adding to its customer base, the sheer volume of invoices increases both the number of overdue invoices and the effort required to reel in and track payments. The expandi…
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Feb 25, 2020 Company News

Gotransverse Is Updating Our Documentation Site

At Gotransverse we pride ourselves on providing the full spectrum of SaaS billing, from basic subscriptions to advanced rating you would find in expensive, traditional on-premises billing solutions, with the configuration and agility of SaaS billing platforms. For us, though, it’s about more than adding great new features to our platform. We look at the whole billing experience, from companies looking to buy new billing solutions all the way to our tenured customers in our Customer Success Prog…
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Feb 18, 2020 Thought Leadership

The Hidden Costs of Maintaining Your Traditional or Homegrown Billing System

When a company outgrows its existing billing system, leadership has two options: maintain it through updates and add-ons to help it meet the growing business’ needs or replace it with a new system altogether. While businesses looking to make financially responsible decisions may be inclined to adjust their current systems rather than shelling out for a new platform, we think that instinct merits further thought.First, let’s take a look at some of the business scenarios that are likely behind th…
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Feb 11, 2020 Thought Leadership

The Power of Extensibility to Personalize Billing for Our Customer’s Needs

Here at Gotransverse, our goal is to support each client’s business growth with a platform that’s configurable to their unique needs — without the costs or maintenance responsibilities of fully custom-built software. And because no two customer’s billing needs are the same, we do that through extensibility, a software design principle that provides for personalization and future growth. In the video below, our CTO and VP of Engineering, Paul Tindall, provides an overview of what we call the Got…
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Feb 06, 2020 Thought Leadership

Consumption-Based Billing Models: Unpacking Stored Value

Here at Gotransverse, we’re big believers in enhancing simple subscriptions by combining them with consumption-based models. This strategy helps companies achieve two major goals: maximizing revenue and driving adoption. For more on how that works, we invite you to read our recent blog post with insights from Gotransverse President, Mike Beamer. But consumption-based billing takes on many forms, with models ranging from tiers and tapers to time-based value to resource sharing and many other var…
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Feb 04, 2020 Thought Leadership

Maximizing Revenue and Driving Adoption with Intelligent Billing

“During my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work at large companies, small companies, high-tech companies and companies around the world. And one of the common things that they all share is they want to figure out how they can both maximize revenue and drive adoption.” - Michael Beamer, President, Gotransverse.Maximizing revenue and driving adoption, or growing the customer base, are two key goals of just about any business, and in the video below, Gotransverse president Michael Beamer intro…
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Jan 29, 2020 Thought Leadership

Is Your Legacy Billing Platform Holding You Back?

As today’s customers demand more flexibility in the way they buy and use products and services — from B2B SaaS platforms to communication service providers to utilities and beyond — it’s becoming increasingly critical for businesses to offer customizable billing models such as service and product bundling, usage caps, varied rating methods, personalization, promotions cross-product discounts, and other incentives that enable customers to pay for only what they need, when and how it’s convenient…
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