Aug 16, 2022 Thought Leadership

Power Business Innovation with Agile Billing

Historically, businesses looking to get—and stay—ahead of the competition have been dedicated to constantly evolving their business models to increase revenue, build and strengthen their customer bases, and grow their market share. Thus, agility has become especially acute in the wake of COVID-19 and the economic uncertainty that has followed. As consumer needs, values, and budgets have evolved, innovation has become less about growth and survival for many companies. However, the impact of even…
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Aug 09, 2022 Thought Leadership

How to Bill Efficiently for Complex M2M Business Models

We often talk about B2B and B2C, but here's another business model acronym for you: M2M. M2M (machine-to-machine) business models refer to models that deal with communication between devices, as enabled by the Internet of Things. For example, if you've ever looked at the GPS on your phone and noticed a little icon identifying where your car is parked, that's M2M communication. So are the notifications your smartwatch or Fitbit push to your phone about your physical activity. If you or your elec…
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Aug 02, 2022 Company News

Gotransverse in Forbes: Unlocking New Profits with Billing Mediation

Recurring revenue models have become mission-critical for businesses looking to drive growth. And yet, these models lead to more complex billing needs as producing invoices requires converting consumption and service rates into dollars owed. As a result, MGI Research notes, 70% of organizations report that data challenges are the primary reason their billing projects fail. Why is that? According to Gotransverse founder and CEO James Messer, “Many of these same organizations deal with the proble…
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Jul 27, 2022 Product Insights

How Agile Is Your Billing System? Can Your Platform Handle Complex Business Models?

Complex billing models have become a matter of course for growing B2B and B2C businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition and maximize customer value and revenue. However, with complex billing models come complex system needs. Traditional and legacy billing platforms tend to shudder and balk when asked to handle high volumes of usage-based transactions. Overall, these systems are built for rapid growth or complex processes. Unfortunately, it's not just legacy systems that can pose a pr…
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Jul 12, 2022 Thought Leadership

The Rise of the Subscription Economy

Dating back to the Industrial Revolution, when technological advances enabled companies to churn out products faster (and more cheaply) than ever before, our consumer culture has been very transaction-based. If we needed something, we bought it. When it broke or ran out, we replaced it. Businesses sold things, and customers bought them. Subscription models—paying a periodic fee for access to goods or services—were traditionally limited to newspapers and magazines. However, over the last decade…
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Jul 05, 2022 Thought Leadership

9 Ways to Bill for Consumption: Gotransverse’s Usage-Based Billing Models Explained

When a business has decided to implement consumption - or usage-based billing models and is on the hunt for a vendor to partner with them in the effort - one of the most important questions is which types of usage-based models they support. After all, variety makes these models so powerful for businesses looking for customizable ways to meet customers’ unique and changing needs. Still, not all "usage-based" systems are equipped to handle the full breadth of these models. Through real-time ratin…
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Jun 29, 2022 Product Insights

Gotransverse: A Platform Built for Complex Billing

Complex billing models, including subscriptions and usage-based models, are infinitely valuable for businesses and their customers if they’re implemented effectively. To achieve their full potential, enabling rapid business growth, promoting flexibility, and delighting customers, these models must be supported by a billing solution designed for complexity. No matter how well they served in the early days, most traditional and legacy platforms are not equipped with the agility, configurability, …
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Jun 21, 2022 Thought Leadership

What Does Successful Billing Look Like for Modern Communications Companies?

The communications industry is evolving faster than ever, with customers demanding more services, options, and value from their providers. To meet these expectations and maintain market share, communications service providers (CSPs) are constantly launching new products, adopting new technologies, partnering with other providers, and participating in marketplaces. However, bringing these innovative offerings to the market requires significant upgrades to both front- and back-office solutions, p…
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Jun 15, 2022 Product Insights

Gotransverse’s Collection & Dunning Capabilities Make It Easy to Collect Every Payment, Every Time

How much time does your finance waste trying to track down late-paying customers? How much revenue is lost due to unpaid invoices? How have paper jams in the payment process affected the customer experience? If the answers to any of those questions are "a lot," then it's likely time to examine the effectiveness of your collections and dunning processes. We did an in-depth overview of the importance of collections and dunning in this blog post, but for a quick refresher, here are some basic def…
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Jun 07, 2022 Thought Leadership

4 Things Every CFO & CIO Must Know About Usage-Based Billing

There's a lot for CFOs and CIOs to consider when examining the effectiveness of an organization's usage-based billing. The potential advantages are significant on both the customer and the business side. Specifically, the heightened customer base and lifetime value, improved product, service development capabilities, increased revenue, etc. However, when implementing a new usage-based billing system, several questions come to mind, making the challenge seem quite daunting. Which models are best…
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