Jan 13, 2021 Product Insights

Gotransverse Product Update: A Look Back at New Features for Innovative Monetization Models

This January more than ever, many of us are relishing the fresh start, the hope, and the new opportunities 2021 symbolizes. The Gotransverse team certainly is. And in the spirit of positive growth in the new year, we’re excited to share some brand-new features we added to our intelligent billing platform in 2020. Our new globalization, business intelligence, ecosystem, and personalization features are designed to provide our clients with new billing capabilities and empower them to adopt new re…
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Jan 05, 2021 Thought Leadership

5 Ways Billing Can Make or Break the Customer Experience

With countless providers to choose from for any given product or service — and with the unlimited information buyers can access online — businesses that want to attract and retain loyal customers know just how important it is to create a frictionless experience through every step of the process. When businesses talk about the customer experience, they often get hung up on specific elements such as packaging, pricing or positioning of products and services and let the rest fall by the wayside. B…
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Dec 29, 2020 Company News

2020 Year in Review: Unprecedented Achievements in an Unprecedented Year

Well, when we predicted 2020 would be a year unlike any other, this wasn’t quite what we had in mind. In this year of constant upheaval and anxiety, it’s been all too easy to focus on the negatives, the challenges, and the goals that had to go on the backburner as the pandemic continued to rage longer than any of us anticipated. However, for many of us, and certainly for the team here at Gotransverse, 2020 has also been a year of incredible growth and achievement, and I want to take a moment to…
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Dec 22, 2020 Thought Leadership

3 Pricing Models to Drive Recurring Revenue

For businesses looking to grow the bottom line, while providing ongoing value to customers and making accurate forecasts, recurring revenue is the gold standard. But recurring revenue is not a one-size-fits-all billing model. In fact, it can take on countless different forms depending on a particular company’s needs — what makes the most sense based on the type of goods and services offered, or what provides most value for (and generates most demand from) new and existing customers. Let’s take …
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Dec 15, 2020 Thought Leadership

Subscription Services: How Many Is Too Many?

Once upon a time, subscriptions were reserved for print magazines and newspapers. But today, consumers can buy just about anything as a subscription, from music and movie streaming to groceries and pet food to cosmetics, at-home workouts, and cozy socks. For businesses looking to build predictable recurring revenue, the subscription service is a dream. But how much longer until consumers reach their limits? Those $9.99/month fees are easy to “set and forget” while we enjoy our favorite things, …
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Dec 08, 2020 Thought Leadership

The Power of Real-Time Billing Data

If there’s one trend that’s common among every industry today, it’s that the market is more crowded and customer expectations are higher than ever. As technology enables lighting-speed innovation, companies are finding new opportunities and new competition in equal measure, and it’s becoming more and more critical for these companies to identify and act on emerging trends. All this is to say, now more than ever, businesses need consistent access to the relevant, accurate usage and billing data …
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Nov 30, 2020 Thought Leadership

Five Key Benefits of Billing Software Built for Recurring Revenue Businesses

Last month, Gotransverse’s president, Michael Beamer, and Forrester senior analyst Lily Varon gave a webinar about the benefits of billing software that’s designed and built specifically to support recurring revenue. According to Varon (author of the Forrester Wave: Saas Billing Solutions Report), more than one third of firms are currently looking to invest in new financial software from vendors other than the ones they currently use. In response, she and Beamer encouraged firms to look for sof…
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Nov 24, 2020 Company News

Gotransverse Named One of Austin’s Top Workplaces in 2020

In a year that’s been full of challenges and uncertainties, we’ve been fortunate here at Gotransverse that there have been several silver linings. Most recently, we were thrilled to learn that we’ve been named a winner of the Austin American Statesman’s Austin Top Workplaces 2020 Award. Even sweeter, the Statesman’s list is based entirely on employee feedback, making it a truly effective look at just what kind of workplace Gotransverse is. The survey measures 15 drivers of successful company cu…
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Nov 17, 2020 Company News

Gotransverse and Snowflake: The Perfect Billing Partners

Snowflake users, great news: you can now step up your billing reporting, visualization, and analytics game thanks to our expanded partnership with the cloud data platform. Gotransverse’s status as a Snowflake technology partner isn’t new — Premier Data Access has provided direct access to data (and thus the power to generate comprehensive reports quickly) via Snowflake since 2019. But now we’re excited to provide enhanced consumption-based billing support by offering Premier Data Access throug…
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Nov 10, 2020 Thought Leadership

After 20 Years of Billing, What’s the Same & What’s Changed

Recently I had reason to revisit an article that I had written for TMC late in 2000: Beyond Flat Rates and Flat Revenue: IP Mediation Helps ICPs Bill for Usage and Boost Profits. As I read through it, I was struck by how much the main in themes of that article still resonate in our daily conversations with clients and prospects in 2020. The key themes I wrote about then are still two of the key themes driving our business today: first, that usage-based pricing is an important addition to subscr…
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