May 17, 2022 Thought Leadership

Driving Media & Entertainment’s Digital Transformation with an Advanced Monetization & Intelligent Billing Platform

With the growing competition among streaming services, consumers’ preference for on-demand entertainment (and their increased focus on value and quality over quantity), and the limitless connectivity afforded by 5G and 6G, the Media and Entertainment industry is evolving faster than ever. To stay ahead of the competition, provide value to customers, and remain innovative (not to mention relevant), providers must ensure their businesses’ tech foundations equip them to thrive in this rapidly chan…
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May 10, 2022 Thought Leadership

New E-Book: Futureproofing Your Billing System for Emerging Telecom Services

For many businesses and consumers alike, it feels as though we’re still wrapping our heads around 5G and the extent of its capabilities. And yet, already, 6G is just around the corner, expected to enable more IoT technology to make us smarter and more connected than ever before. While the disruptive technologies—from 5G and 6G to IoT, streaming, and OTT services—that drive innovation in telecommunications are enabling new business models, the reality is that innovation is worthless without a mo…
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May 03, 2022 Thought Leadership

The Future of Subscription & Billing Management: What’s Behind This Rapid Growth?

In 2020, subscription billing and management was a $6.03 billion industry, according to Zion Market Research. And that revenue is expected to skyrocket, reaching more than $15 billion by 2028 at an annual growth rate of more than 15 percent. What’s driving that incredible growth? In short, customer retention. The stakes are higher than ever for companies looking to stay relevant and keep customers coming back in the face of rapid change. As subscription models have moved from a “nice to have” t…
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Apr 26, 2022 Thought Leadership

Gotransverse in Forbes: Using Billing to Improve the Customer Experience

“Just as customers have come to expect a frictionless, self-service shopping experience, they expect that same omnichannel, seamless experience when it comes to paying the invoice. Merchants and suppliers need billing solutions to adapt and reinforce that positive buying experience.”- James Messer, Founder and CEO, Gotransverse, in Forbes As customer buying habits have become more varied through omnichannel e-commerce, and become more and more complex (through a multitude of usage-based buying…
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Apr 19, 2022 Thought Leadership

The Telecom Billing & Charging Landscape Is Changing: Is Your Business Ready?

Once upon a time, telecommunications referred almost strictly to phone bills. There was likely a monthly fee, combined with charges for the number of long-distance calls you made. Later, things got more complicated as text messaging, trendy ringtone downloads, and the occasional minute or two of (painstaking) Internet access came into play. But still, telco billing was reasonably straightforward. Today, however, it’s a different story. Customers do everything on their mobile devices, from order…
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Apr 13, 2022 Thought Leadership

SaaS Monetization Platform Provides Boundless Billing for Communication Service Providers

When we think of communication service providers (CSPs), we likely focus on the phone companies that have enabled us to call and text each other for years. And while those are still undoubtedly big players in the communication space, today’s CSP industry expands beyond telecommunications into all types of applications and services that keep us connected around the globe, 24/7. These include B2B and B2C companies that offer cell phone service (with all the add-ons we know and love), digital mess…
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Apr 05, 2022 Thought Leadership

12 Examples of Usage-Based Pricing Models

As companies look to differentiate themselves from competitors in crowded markets, the most effective approach is to look for ways to maximize value for customers. With this in mind, usage-based, or consumption-based pricing has gone from an interesting differentiator to a must-have for many companies across every industry. Why? These models unlock opportunities for businesses to drive new, incremental revenue beyond the subscription while giving budget-conscious customers the power to pay for …
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Mar 30, 2022 Thought Leadership

Believe It Or Not, Billing Is a Key Part of the Customer Experience

When we think of customer experience, our minds likely jump straight to helping a customer select just the right product or service, showing them how to get the most out of their investment, delivering orders on time, and packaging products in attractive ways. All of this is key to the customer experience. Still, there's another piece that we don't often think of, which can have a powerful impact on whether a customer becomes a one-time buyer or a lifelong evangelist. That piece is the billing…
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Mar 22, 2022 Thought Leadership

Collections & Dunning: An Integral Part of the Billing Process

When we talk about the quote to cash process in billing, we focus a lot on usage data mediation, ensuring every client receives an accurate, clear, and timely invoice. Moreover, we focus on compliant revenue recognition. But what happens after that invoice goes out the door and before revenue gets recorded? What occurs when collecting payments from customers? This process of receiving payments from customers (and tracking down late payments as necessary) is called collections and dunning. Colle…
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Mar 15, 2022 Thought Leadership

Why B2B & B2C Business Must Modernize Their Billing Software

In today's buying landscape, both B2B and B2C buyers are more empowered than ever to spend their hard-won financial resources with brands that can truly meet their needs—for convenience, data security, ethical alignment, monetary value, and more. A 2021 Forrester report, “The Future of Buying Requires Rapid and Repeated Business Reinvention,” identifies four forces in particular that are changing the way B2B and B2C consumers shop: The growth of marketplacesDemand for great experiences—not ju…
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