Apr 16, 2019 Thought Lead­er­ship

Billing by the Billions: Empowering High-Volume Billing in Your Organization a Starz Play Case Study

Is your organization ready to grow? You’ve got the business plan buttoned up, and you’re ready to exponentially increase your customer base, expand to global markets and overhaul your packages and business models so customers can purchase and pay for exactly what they need, when they need it. But do you have the systems in place to empower that growth? We talk a lot here at Gotransverse about the power of intelligent billing to enable a business to scale — growing quickly both in volume and co…
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Apr 09, 2019 Prod­uct Insights

Enhance Billing and Revenue Management with Gotransverse Premier Reporting

To have a truly intelligent billing platform you need to have visibility into what your customers are doing to understand leading indicators of change in behavior, whether it be indicators for growth or indicators that they aren’t using your product or service as much. That’s why, here at Gotransverse, we take reporting seriously, with built-in reporting capabilities that allow our clients visibility to meaningful, accurate information and insights on high volumes of transactions at the drop of…
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Apr 02, 2019 Thought Lead­er­ship

3 Ways Intelligent Billing Optimizes Pricing & Rating

Whether you’re selling goods or services, your product catalog and pricing strategy are critical to establishing and maintaining your organization’s competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. Customer preferences are in constant flux, and they demand the highest level of transparency, agility and service from any brand they choose to do business with. And for those brands, the balance between pursuing core business objectives and catering to customer whims has become nothing short of a hig…
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Mar 26, 2019 Thought Lead­er­ship

Automating Billing to Support Growth in Your FinTech Organization

With the recent boom in the industry, FinTech companies across the country are scaling rapidly — or preparing to scale rapidly —to keep up with increasing demand, rising customer volumes, and ever-more-complex business models. But scaling successfully is no easy task, especially in a highly regulated industry like FinTech, where accuracy and accountability are paramount to success. As with any kind of rapid change, steep growth can feel like a chaotic race to an invisible finish line, moving an…
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Mar 19, 2019 Thought Lead­er­ship

3 Requirements for Billing in FinTech

The strictly regulated nature of the fin-tech industry means the stakes for tracking usage, invoicing and revenue data are higher than in many other industries. But at the same time, the explosive growth in FinTech means companies across every sector are having to find a way to maintain airtight security, transparency and accuracy while laying the groundwork to scale quickly. In short, FinTech organizations’ legacy billing systems can’t keep up with their increasing — and increasingly complicat…
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Mar 14, 2019 Thought Lead­er­ship

How FinTech Companies With Recurring Billing Can Make a Secure Transition to a High Volume Cloud-Based Billing Platform

As more and more industries make the shift in droves from one-time purchases to subscription and consumption-based pricing models, customers are growing accustomed to the flexibility, transparency, and low barrier to entry these models provide. Subscription and consumption-based models can really tax legacy on-premises billing solutions. As a matter of fact, according to Research and Markets, the market for financial technology is projected to reach $679.9 billion by 2023, putting the challenge…
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Introducing Our New Executive Vice President of Sales, Kris Nielsen

We are honored to add a professional with Kris Nielsen’s experience and expertise to the Gotransverse team. Kris brings with him a breadth of leadership experience and a proven success record that will play a critical role in strengthening our sales and partner teams as well as guiding Gotransverse through its next stages of growth. With a software industry career that has spanned almost two decades, Kris most recently served as a Strategic Account Executive at Workday, with whom Gotransverse i…
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Mar 05, 2019 Thought Lead­er­ship

Flexible Billing in the Highly Regulated FinTech Industry

According to PricewaterhouseCooper, 46 percent of financial services consumers use only digital channels – a drastic increase from the 27 percent that was seen only four years before. Moreover, 82 percent of Millennials do their banking transactions entirely by phones. These trends have caused a global FinTech explosion in which organizations within these industries are getting ready to scale, enhancing their offerings and laying the framework to grow their global customer bases. As we’ve seen…
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Feb 26, 2019 Thought Lead­er­ship

Digital Transformations in FinTech Cause Companies to Restructure Pricing and Billing

There’s no denying that FinTech is booming. In fact, a recent Research and Markets report projected the industry would reach $679.9 billion by 2023, and PricewaterhouseCoopers found that 82 percent of incumbent financial institutions worldwide expect to partner with FinTech organizations in the next three to five years. This global FinTech explosion puts new pressures to keep up, and scale, taxing existing offerings and systems. Many FinTech companies are looking at digital transformations to …
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Feb 22, 2019 Thought Lead­er­ship

Monetize 11 Recap – Sharing Business Success Stories with Starz Play and Lessons Learned with Agile Monetization

Recently I was fortunate to be on stage at MGI Research’s Monetize 11 Conference Amsterdam– the Premier Agile Monetization Platform Event in Europe. Gotransverse was proud to sponsor this event focused on monetization strategies, including billing, payments, e-commerce, and quote-to-cash strategies. It also explored new pricing models and payment methods like new digital business strategies, subscription pricing, and tactics for frictionless commerce. I had the opportunity to speak to the con…
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