Jul 21, 2023 Company News

Gotransverse Ranked in Top Quadrant for Enterprise Monetization Solutions as Featured in MGI 360 Ratings: Agile Billing Top 50 Buyers Guide

Last month, MGI released their Agile Billing Top 50 Buyer’s Guide, which highlights the top 50 leading agile billing software suppliers. Gotransverse was honored to be ranked in the top echelon —and one of only six vendors to receive a positive analyst outlook. What Is the MGI 360 Ratings? MGI Research is the preeminent independent analyst and research firm focusing on Agile Monetization and order-to-cash. As defined by MGI, “This report evaluates, analyzes, and scores the Top 50 leading Agile…
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Jul 05, 2023 Thought Leadership

Transparency & Simplicity: The Two Keys to FinTech Billing Success

In a recent article for Forbes, Gotransverse founder and CEO James Messer highlights two critical elements of billing in the financial technology sector: simplicity and transparency. “…it is crucial,” he says, “for fintech companies to prioritize simplicity in their offerings, ensuring easy-to-understand terms and transparent pricing to satisfy customer expectations and avoid regulatory scrutiny.” Now, those two words—simplicity and transparency—aren’t exactly the first that come to mind in ass…
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Jun 29, 2023 Company News

Gotransverse Around the World: B2B Revenue Streams at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

"The Royal Schiphol Group project is a real showcase for the power behind our Agile Monetization Platform and its ability to handle truly complex billing at scale." James Messer, Founder & CEO, Gotransverse In the summer of 2020, Gotransverse opened a cloud production environment in Frankfurt, Germany, in order to better serve the European Union and enable compliance with EU-specific regulations. Our marquis customer in region has been the Dutch airport management company Royal Schiphol Gr…
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Jun 19, 2023 Thought Leadership

Is Your Debt Management & Collection System Leaving Money on the Table?

Here on the Gotransverse blog, we often find ourselves focusing on the early parts of the order-to-cash process, from usage and rating to mediation to invoicing. But what about the end of the process? The part without which there would be no revenue? We’re talking about actually collecting payments. The process of collecting payments is, in reality, two processes often discussed together: collections and dunning. Collections is the process of trying different ways to collect payments when the d…
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Jun 14, 2023 Company News

Gotransverse Is Thrilled to Be One of Austin Business Journal’s 2023 Best Places to Work

"Austin has one of the country's most competitive and diverse job markets, and ranking as one of the Best Places to Work helps us attract and retain the best talent.”- James Messer, Founder & CEO, Gotransverse This spring, Gotransverse was thrilled to be named by Austin Business Journal as one of the 2023 Best Places to Work in Central Texas. What we love most about this award is that winners are selected by the employees themselves, through anonymous surveys gauging satisfaction in six key…
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Jun 08, 2023 Thought Leadership

The Future of Bill Payment and AI

According to research from McKinsey, AI adoption has more than doubled since 2017, with companies that invest heavily (and smartly) in AI finding themselves ahead of their competitors in crowded markets. AI, it seems, can have a powerful impact on any industry when applied strategically, and billing is no exception. In the dawn of what some are calling the “Payments 3.0 Era,” customer expectations for service, frictionless transactions, and personalization are higher than ever, and AI can help …
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May 23, 2023 Thought Leadership

Capitalizing on a Positive Customer Billing Experience

With more consumers embracing self-service, the opportunities for personal customer interaction are dwindling. Online interactions must be self-explanatory and designed to deliver maximum customer satisfaction. Customers who are frustrated with a user interface or dissatisfied with an online transaction, including billing, stop being customers. Billing is the one regular interaction you have with customers, so ensuring the billing experience is positive is crucial. With the rise in subscription…
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May 16, 2023 Thought Leadership

Gotransverse Helps You Collect Every Payment and Maintain a Positive Customer Experience

Is your collections process the best it can be? Every business has a problem with collections. Unpaid invoices are costly for many reasons. They require your finance team to spend time and resources trying to collect. Delinquent and unpaid invoices lead to revenue leakage that cuts into profits. When customers become frustrated due to payment challenges, they stop being customers. That’s why dunning is an ongoing concern for every business. As companies grow and adapt subscription and consumpti…
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May 09, 2023 Thought Leadership

Fixing the Slow Drip of Revenue Leakage: "Is your billing system the best it can be?" Blog Series

Every business suffers from revenue leakage. You may suffer from creeping business expenses, cash flow delays, earnings delays, revenue barriers, and other issues that cost your business money. Improper billing is a common cause of revenue leakage. You may be under-billing, billing late, or making billing errors without a reliable billing system. Minimizing revenue leakage should be the goal of every business, but stopping the steady drip of lost revenue is more challenging than it sounds. Unde…
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May 02, 2023 Thought Leadership

Understanding the Importance of Controlling Costs by Integrating Finance Processes

To kick off our new blog series, "Is your billing system the best it can be?", we address the importance of controlling costs by integrating a strategic finance process. Controlling costs isn’t just the finance department's responsibility in any organization. As technology improves and revenue operations become more sophisticated, every department contributes to controlling costs and adding revenue. Businesses must integrate financial contributors and automate processes to reduce errors, speed …
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