To effectively monetize market opportunity, businesses must be agile, flexible and scalable while complying with regulatory demands. Rigid, slow and dated ERPs hinder your ability to quickly and precisely construct, change and propagate new offers and pricing plans.

Getting monetization right starts with your billing platform. Some of the biggest barriers to revenue growth are often due to the limitations of legacy billing systems.

Are you experiencing any of the warning signs your current billing platform is failing you?

  1. Price changes make you panic: Pricing model changes require a billing expert to make changes to your billing system.
  2. Your competition beat you to it, again: You’re unable to launch new offers in less than six months.
  3. Deadlines are being missed: Your system does not include tracking of contract terms and conditions.
  4. Revenue is leaking like the Titanic: Customers aren’t being billed for what’s been supplied.
  5. Tech is stretched beyond measure: Existing systems are being taxed past their capabilities.