Revenue Recognition

Revenue Management for Subscription and Consumption-Based Revenue Recognition.

With Gotransverse, you can be confident that your general ledger entries will be flawless with our configurable, rules-based subscription revenue recognition engine designed for limitless pricing models.

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Claudé Zamboni Vice President of Information Technology at QSC
As our enterprise software strategy continues to evolve, we are confident that Gotransverse can help us expand our subscription software sales.

Complying with ASC 606

Our ASC 606 functionality enhances the native revenue recognition capabilities of the Gotransverse platform. We give you total control over the inputs so that revenue recognition is calculated in a way that is best for your business.

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Business People At Work

Solve subscription complexity

Create as many plans and price tables as you need and billing at any frequency. Aligning multiple subscription offerings, dealing with complex corporate and account hierarchies has never been easier.

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Built-in mediation for easy billing

Gotransverse Mediation is entirely customizable, with configurable business rules to handle the normalization, aggregation, and transformation of your event data to meet your specific data requirements.

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