Solution: Collection & Dunning Details

Collection & Dunning Strategies

With Gotransverse, collecting on past due accounts has never been easier. You have the ability to do more with automated notifications, configurable web service calls, and deep provisioning to external systems that all sync seamlessly with your dunning strategies.


Simplify your collections and dunning process with the power of tiered dunning. Gotransverse makes it easy to set the past-due account balance threshold that triggers an account to be evaluated for dunning, automate payment plans, and downgrade services.

Getting Paid for (and Preventing) Late Invoices

Subscription and usage-based companies have a higher volume of invoices with an increase in both the number of overdue invoices and the effort required to reel in and track payments.

Successful collections and dunning processes put the customer's needs front and center by providing them with the information and tools they need to bring their account current—all while streamlining complex, time-consuming business processes.

Collections and dunning are built right into the Gotransverse platform, so the tool can be integrated directly into your Gotransverse workflow with CRM views into account status, deprovisioning services, and more.

With timely reminders and system notifications, Gotransverse helps prevent accounts from aging which greatly reduces the number of overdue invoices, and shortens your total receivables collection days.

Payment Retries & Payment Plans

The payment retry feature will automatically queue failed payments for reprocessing on any schedule you define. Payment retries work to get payment before an account becomes delinquent and needs a dunning plan. Additionally, for your customers that cannot pay on time, but can commit to paying on a specific schedule, Gotransverse supports a variety of payment plans to help delinquent customers pay back what they owe.

  • Automated Payment Retries
  • Configurable Schedules
  • Customizable Payment Plans

Integrated Dunning Plans & Strategies

Best-in-class dunning strategies work in a predetermined, configurable way to not only collect on delinquent accounts. Gotransverse automates the process of sending customer and system notifications at preset intervals tied to account balance, aging, etc. Gotransverse escalates remuneration attempts, including triggering downstream deprovisioning tasks, and downgrading service levels for delinquent accounts. And once the payment has been successfully processed, trigger cure action alerts to reverse the changes.

  • Customer Notifications
  • Event-based Triggers
  • Escalation Processes
  • Deprovisioning Tasks
  • Cure Action Notifications