Built-in Billing Mediation to Monetize Your Transaction Data

Gotransverse Mediation is entirely configurable, with configurable business rules to handle the normalization, aggregation, and transformation of your event data to meet your specific data requirements.

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Sanjay Dhawan VP of Finance at Ethoca
We needed a monetization partner that could support our internet-scale volumes and integrate with our existing systems to minimize disruption to our customer base. We chose Gotransverse for their domain expertise and excellent reputation for rating, configurability, and extensibility, as well as the capabilities of its technical team.
Platform Graphic Api

Data from anywhere

Mediation is a critical part of the billing process. Gotransverse converts data from various sources into an easily digestible format to automate and streamline your billing operations.

We offer a suite of prebuilt integrations and partners to solve all of your cloud billing needs.

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Solve subscription complexity

Create as many plans and price tables as you need and billing at any frequency. Aligning multiple subscription offerings, dealing with complex corporate and account hierarchies has never been easier.

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Real-time rating at internet-scale

The Gotransverse real-time rating engine converts user engagement data into revenue for your business. It can be as simple as a usage event times price or as sophisticated as formulas with multiple variables.

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