Solution: Internet of Things

Gotransverse for IoT

With Gotransverse, you can easily monetize and scale your connected service offering regardless of channels, hardware or use cases.

Providing enterprise-grade scalability and elasticity, our intelligent billing solutions support innovative Internet of Things (IoT) product packaging, pricing, invoicing and billing to meet market demand dynamically—giving you the flexibility and scale needed to compete in today’s emerging smart business economy.

Accelerate Your Smart Business with an Intelligent Billing Platform

Smart Billing that Keeps Up with Your Smart Business Gotransverse is built to support innovative and complex IoT invoicing and billing needs while effortlessly scaling to meet growing market demand. Uniquely track devices associated with billing accounts with unprecedented extensibility around monetization capabilities and cost allocation.
Unlimited Flexibility We can support virtually any combination of subscription, one-time, usage-based, tiered, threshold or rules-based billing scenarios and natively support multi-variable rating without having to add additional usage types (e.g. QoS, time of day/timezone, weekends, etc.). You can bundle services into base subscriptions and then add charges for “pay as you consume” services based on events, usage and other data. Near real-time usage information can be leveraged to create dynamic pricing and/or new IoT services to meet market demands quickly.
Real-Time Capture and Rating Not only does the Gotransverse platform capture granular event transactions, but it also measures and meters them. We can also rate usage data in real time to support innovative pricing models on IoT-enabled objects. The Gotransverse platform supports billions of events per tenant every day and uses Internet-scale event capture and real-time rating to trigger monetizable and actionable events.
Adjunct Rating and Billing Gotransverse provides an ideal adjunct rating and billing solution for companies with existing systems that are unable to scale to meet the high-volume needs of IoT. With its sophisticated adjunct rating capabilities, we can easily interface with your product catalog. The cloud-based, real-time, rules-based rating and multi-tenant capabilities allow rapid deployment and configuration to quickly bring new services to market and can easily output real time data to append to client bills via batch or API access.

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