Solution: Subscription Billing Details

Wired for Subscription Billing

Recurring business models are driven by a desire to overcome the barrier to product adoption.

To achieve this, businesses are updating their products in favor of subscription-based offerings. The customer experience is at the heart of what makes a subscription model successful, moving beyond a simple transactional relationship, and requiring a continuous relationship with the customer. However, a subscription pricing model can add complexities to your billing. Billing at the frequency you need, aligning multiple subscription offerings, dealing with complex corporate, and account hierarchies are just some of the many details that you need to consider to ensure accuracy in your invoices. Gotransverse solves subscription complexity by giving you the control to customize your offerings at every stage of the subscription lifecycle.

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Perfect Packaging and Pricing

The way in which you package and price your products has profound implications on buying behavior. Finding that perfect balance between business objectives and ever-changing buying behavior requires a high level of agility from your product team. Gotransverse provides the capabilities you need to:

  • Launch or modify products and services within minutes
  • Manage pricing and terms for recurring charges
  • Handle free trial periods, one-time fees, promotions, etc.
  • Create pricing tiers and/or tapers
  • Segment your markets and job roles through specialized access and price lists
  • Set pricing in multiple currencies

Flexible Billing

Your billing platform needs to be able to accurately and efficiently bill your customers, ensuring they get the right pricing and billing experience.

  • Bill when you want, with numerous bill cycles
  • Allow your customers to prepay or pay in arrears
  • Leverage complex corporate and account hierarchy structures
  • Manage multiple subscriptions on a single account, with flexible proration
  • Automatically handle adjustments entered between billing periods
  • Calculate recurring and one-time fees per customer for each invoice
  • Accommodate on-the-fly changes to subscription terms
  • Invoice, collect, and manage revenue in local and foreign currencies
  • Gain a 360-degree view into subscribers through powerful business intelligence dashboards and reporting
  • Integrate with most popular CRM, Tax, Payment Gateways, ERP, and other CRM systems

Subscription Management

Once you have successfully onboarded a new subscriber, the ongoing subscription management moves beyond the ability to bill or charge a credit card at a given frequency for a certain amount. It encompasses automatically turning services on and off, validating entitlements, analyzing customer behavior, and more.

  • Automatically or manually provision, cancel, degrade, or temporarily disable services through comprehensive entitlement management
  • Manage add-ons, upgrades, term extensions, auto-renewals, and changes in services
  • Automatically prorate charges on order or on cancellations and subsequently generate a single invoice for renewing services with differing active terms (co-termination)
  • Invoice, collect and manage revenue in local, foreign, and custom currencies
  • Handle promotions, refunds, email receipts, etc.
  • Provide consistent order capture across channels, business units, and geographies
  • Fully manage the customer lifecycle with a 360-degree view into subscribers through powerful business intelligence dashboards, reporting, and analytics
  • Integrate with most popular ERP, CRM, and eCommerce systems as well as most other internal systems accessible through APIs