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A better billing experience

Gotransverse provides best in class support to all of our customers. Our team of billing and monetization experts are here to ensure that our customers know how to get the most out of their investment in the Gotransverse platform.

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Operational Scorecards

We keep the pulse of our customers by tracking the health of their subscription and usage-based business models. We track key metrics from both the performance and utilization of the platform, and partner with our customer’s organizations to conduct product roadmap reviews.

  • Roadmap Steering
  • Ticket and Escalation Reporting
  • Product Configuration and Enhancement Requests
  • Reporting on Total Usage Events and Revenue
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Organizational Hierarchy Charts
  • Customer Success Reporting

Customer Success Manager

With a dedicated Customer Success Manager you will have peace of mind knowing that you have a billing expert providing the highest level of support. We make a commitment to respond to every ticket within four hours during business hours. In the event of a service disruption or platform outage, we will work around the clock and provide hourly updates.

  • 24x7 Online Operational Support
  • Standard Application Support
  • Telephone Support
  • Targeted Response Times by Severity
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Technical Support Personnel
  • Developer Support
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Quarterly Business Reviews

Our Customer Success Managers perform quarterly business reviews to consult with you on developing and realizing your product roadmap. From training to configuration and development, we are committed to making your billing strategy a success.

  • Training
  • Customer-Facing Documentation
  • Influence Product Roadmap
  • Executive Sponsor Alignment

Customer reviews

Our success is based on our customer's satisfaction. We were awarded 4.2 stars from our customer's. Read our reviews on G2.

  • Quality of Support
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Doing Business With
  • Product Direction
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