Solution: Mediation Details

What Exactly Is
Mediation in Billing?

Graphic Mediation@2X

Mediation is a critical part of the billing process. It converts data from a variety of different data sources into a format that is easily digestible by the Gotransverse platform, to automate and streamline your billing operations.

Gotransverse Mediation is completely customizable, with configurable business rules to handle the normalization, aggregation, and transformation of your event data to meet your specific data requirements and submits it to our rating engine for invoice calculations. You get complete visibility to the process, identifying errors before they become problems.

Download the Mediation Datasheet here.

The Benefits of Automating Mediation in Billing

Every billing model has its own set of rules, and whereas most legacy systems can only handle one or two, the automated mediation capabilities of an intelligent billing platform can work within a much broader range of rules for a variety of usage events. What’s more, the system is configurable, allowing you to change the way each event is handled. That means, when it’s time to make a change, your billing platform is right there with you.

Configurable Business Rules

Usage data needed to be processed by a billing solution, can come in a variety of different formats based on what kind of data it is and where it comes from, so Gotransverse Mediation uses configurable business rules to convert the data into the right format for the rating engine.

End-to-End Traceability

Get full visibility into your data as it gets normalized, aggregated, and transformed to the right format to be ingested by the rating engine to ensure new data gets get processed correctly. Trace it until you are comfortable having it run on it's own.

High Volume Event Processing

The Gotransverse automated mediation engine can process high volumes of data at enterprise speeds, and is designed to grow with your organization by allocating and deallocating resources as needed. Say goodbye to data bottlenecks during high-demand usage periods.

Error Detection and Prevention

Gotransverse mediation can identify errors in event data (malformed data, changes in data format, etc...) immediately and isolate errors for repair, eliminating bugs in your billing process before they negatively impact your customer’s experience.

Once the mediation process is complete and the data is normalized, usage information is ready to be rated — converted into pricing in dollars and cents (or any number of global currencies and formats) — and added to customers’ accounts and invoices to make payments and revenue recognition as smooth as everything leading up to them.