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Usage-Based Billing Software and Rating Engine

Gotransverse can ingest a virtually limitless amount of data and rate and re-rate it in near real-time without breaking a sweat or interrupting your business's regular operations.

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Nick Newsom CEO of Ytel
Adopting Gotransverse not only makes our current workflow more efficient and scalable, it also allows us to develop new revenue models that are more attractive to our customers. No business should be limited by its back office processes, and with Gotransverse we can adapt our billing system to the way we want to do business.

Rating vs. Billing

Rating is applying the monetary cost to usage events. Billing takes that cost and creates a customer invoice, a charge to a credit card, bank account, or a deduction from a prepaid balance.

There are many ways to rate a usage event, and Gotransverse handles them all.

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Solve subscription complexity

Create as many plans and price tables as you need and billing at any frequency. Aligning multiple subscription offerings, dealing with complex corporate and account hierarchies has never been easier.

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Subscription management for the enterprise

Go-to-market quickly, stay agile, and iterate with a full suite of subscription management features, from entitlement management, cross-sells and upsells, customer and business insights, and more.

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