In January, we announced that VCOM, the SaaS division of Avanquest Software, is using the TRACT Billing platform to automate subscription billing processes and manage software licenses. Of course it’s cool that VCOM is using TRACT, but what gets me excited is how they’re using it to authenticate and track software licenses.

VCOM’s approach to the application of TRACT is innovative. First, whether the customer bought Avanquest software online or in a physical store like Walmart or BestBuy, the installation process initiates an API call to TRACT to verify that the license key is authentic. This same call is then made each time the user launches the software, enabling VCOM to give their customers an accurate picture of how many days remain in the user agreement.

While checking that the license is valid, the TRACT API call also verifies that the device in use is authorized as each license can be deployed on up to five machines at a time. In the event that the device is not authorized or exceeds the allowed entitlement, a notification is sent to the license holder.

These activities protect Avanquest against revenue loss by ensuring that software is used in accordance to the license agreement and allowed entitlements.

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