Customers’ expectations for their vendors and solution providers in every industry are skyrocketing, but the Marketing and Ad Tech space are feeling extra pressure as the wide range of vendors gives customers the luxury of being choosy. Customers in the Marketing and Ad Tech industry are looking for vendors that can parse Internet-scale volume of data and provide a high level of transparency in reporting — all while providing a simple, high-end customer billing experience.

And, in today’s world, that experience had better be self-serve and seamless. In fact, Gartner predicts that, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships with vendors without a single human interactions, and according to Walker, CX will overtake price and product as the key differentiator for B2B companies.

So how are Marketing and Ad Tech companies staying ahead of the game?

From data management to product launches to transparent reporting to invoices and payment, every piece of the billing experience is a critical opportunity to build and enhance customer relationships. But for companies saddled with outdated or legacy billing systems, it can be nearly impossible to ensure those processes work accurately and efficiently. As confusion mounts and mistakes start to slip through, customers begin to doubt their vendors, and vendors start to lose out on revenue opportunities.

That’s why many finance and product leaders in the Marketing and Ad Tech space are making the move to intelligent billing platforms to optimize billing processes — and the customer experience.

4 Advantages of Intelligent Billing for Marketing and Ad Tech Firms

From the back office to the front office, and from quote to cash, powerful intelligent billing platforms can streamline operations in order to maximize efficiency and accuracy while saving time and resources. And all of this leads to happier, more loyal customers.

1. Transparency

In order to earn customer trust, companies have to be able to demonstrate unquestioned operational integrity, and when errors start cropping up or information is murky and difficult to come by, customers will start to doubt their vendors. But sophisticated intelligent billing platforms are not only capable of tracking and processing complicated billing scenarios and data pools, but they have powerful, near-real-time reporting capabilities that ensure both employees and customers can have access the insight they want, anytime they want them.

2. Flexibility

As product innovation in Marketing and Ad Tech continues at a breakneck pace, companies that can act quickly to update pricing and add to their product and service offerings — giving customers what they want almost before they know they want it — have a distinct competitive advantage. While legacy systems require a billing solution expert to make changes to offerings, intelligent billing platforms are configurable to empower accelerated time-to-market, so you can keep customers engaged and stay ahead of the competition.

3. Complex Model Management

As billing models become more complicated and numerous, and as customer volume grows exponentially, efficient billing becomes more and more challenging. While old-school or DIY billing systems are equipped to handle just a few business models and at relatively low transaction volumes, intelligent billing can manage dozens of billing models — from flat fees and basic subscriptions to tiers, tapers, allowances, multi-dimensional models and more — at astronomical volumes. What’s more, they can handle multi-currency billing scenarios, facilitating cross-border delivery and managing foreign exchange rates and geography-based pricing differences, empowering users to attract and retain global customers.

4. Speed

The ability to bring new products to market quickly is critical, but so is speed (and accuracy) in everyday billing and reporting needs. Between the complexity of transactions and the volume of usage events, legacy billing systems get bogged down, leading to delays in processing, invoicing and revenue recognition. And these logjams lead to missed opportunities, revenue leakage and impatient customers — who are likely to both switch vendors and tell their friends about their less-than-stellar experience. Fortunately, intelligent billing platforms bring the power they need to manage ever-growing complexity without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

To learn more about why Marketing and Ad Tech companies are adopting intelligent billing to improve the customer experience — and to find out how Gotransverse’s intelligent billing platform can be a critical competitive advantage to your organization — contact us today for a free, personalized demo.

Clare Corriveau is the Director of Marketing at Gotransverse. An award winning marketer, over the last 10 years Clare has built her career in SaaS and demand generation. When she’s not kicking SaaS in marketer-mode, you can find her spending time with her husband and kids, hiking with her pup Pippa and cheering on Michigan State.