Today we announced our Spring ‘18 platform release. This release helps customers improve support for complex business environments and creates better customer experiences and through pricing, invoicing and discounting enhancements.

“Our Spring ‘18 release is focused on enhanced support for the intelligent billing needs of complex enterprise environments,” said James Messer, CEO of Gotransverse. “Businesses of all sizes find themselves facing increased pressure and competition as they strive to grow wallet share, adjust their business models to respond to changing consumer expectations, and transform their business to take advantage of advances in technology. Our latest platform release showcases the flexibility of our platform, allowing more powerful combinations of discounting, invoicing, reporting and extensibility across the enterprise than ever before. Substantial performance improvements further underscore the power of our Spring release as we continue to support the mission critical billing touchpoint for many of the world’s largest brands.”

The spring release includes:

  • A new discount hierarchy that provides enterprise discounting flexibility, reduces costly, manual efforts, and creates better customer experiences.
  • Invoicing improvements that provide flexibility, allow quicker response rates, and ensure cash flows.
  • Cross service volume pricing and cross account usage improvements provide discounting across complex business hierarchies, improving customer experience and powering profitable relationships and improving customer experience.
  • High volume usage processing and enhanced bill cycle runs lead to substantial performance improvements.
  • Continued usability, flexibility and extensibility improvements give clients more options for billing, integrations and reporting then ever before.

To learn more, read our full press release here.

Allison Dancy is the Vice President of Marketing at Gotransverse. A proven marketing leader with over 20 years experience across multiple industries, Allison is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of all aspects of marketing.