When it comes to automating business processes, many companies build networks of best-in-class solutions to optimize every facet of the business. The key, of course, is making sure these different solutions play well together, keeping the wheels turning without error, significant manual intervention, or logjams. That’s why here at Gotransverse, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with world-class billing capabilities that integrate seamlessly with other front and back-office systems, empowering unprecedented growth and efficiency.

With that goal in mind, it only makes sense that one of our most powerful integration partnerships would combine our top-tier mediation and rating capabilities with one the world’s most popular SaaS platforms: Salesforce. By integrating our platform with Salesforce Billing, we enable users to maximize their pricing models and scale more effectively than ever before. Gotransverse’s high-powered mediation and rating engines, enable more advanced pricing models and empower Salesforce solutions to scale to extreme volumes.

Using Gotransverse Mediation & Rating Engines with Salesforce Billing

Before we take a look at what this integration looks like, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about mediation and rating — what they are, why they’re critical, and why automating them opens doors for businesses in a big way.

Mediation is the process of converting disparate data sets into digestible data for the rating engine to consume. Usage data can come in many different formats, and mediation is the task of normalizing, aggregating, and transforming the data before feeding it to the rating engine, which turns it into a bill.

Traditionally, mediation has been done manually, or by add-ons to legacy systems. And while that works just fine for a business with low volumes of usage events, consumption-based billing opens the doors to numerous new events that need to get processed, manual processes and inflexible, old-school systems simply can’t keep up. They’re no longer efficient, and there’s too much risk for error.

But the automated mediation capabilities of an intelligent billing platform can read and convert data stored in multiple locations and written in multiple formats, process high volumes of data at internet speeds and minimize the errors that inevitably come with human intervention.

Rating, in turn, is the act of applying monetary value to mediated usage data. In other words, quantifying how much a customer owes based on their plan and usage. There are many ways to rate usage events, from allowances to tiers and tapers to multi-variable pricing. And, again while add-ons to legacy systems or even manual processes might serve the purpose early in a business’ life, more sophisticated, automated models are required for companies looking to scale.

So, what does all that mean when you throw Salesforce Billing in the mix?

With Salesforce, you’ve likely added your Salesforce CPQ and Billing to your CRM, keeping it all in the same platform. You can take key records and information from Salesforce CPQ and do invoicing, payments, and revenue recognition with Salesforce Billing. But more than likely, if you are doing sophisticated monetization with combinations of one-time, subscription, and usage-based pricing to drive adoption and growth in your business, you need more that Salesforce can offer.

That’s where Gotransverse comes in. When you integrate Gotransverse into your Salesforce platform and workflow, you can accommodate more advanced pricing to enhance customer relationships and power previously uncharted growth.

Learn more about supercharging your Salesforce with intelligent billing by Gotransverse. And when you’re ready, we invite you to take a tour of our platform and call us to schedule your complimentary, personalized demo.