“Compliance and security is very important to Gotransverse. It tells us we’re managing customers’ data in correct and proper manner, and it gives our customers a level of comfort with the way we manage their data.” - Geoff Coleman, COO, Gotransverse.

In today’s climate, data security is top of mind for most companies, and rightly so. For many companies in the last decade, data breaches have led to legal and financial nightmares—not to mention broken customer relationships. Consumers want to ensure their personal information is kept private at all times, and in order for companies to earn their users’ trust, they need to be sure they’re handling that data properly and securely.

Here at Gotransverse, we use our platform to help our clients ensure their data security processes are up to date, and we’re working hard on our end to ensure our own customer’s data is safe at all times. In a recent video, COO Geoff Coleman highlighted a few of the ways we do that.

Credit Card Information Security

Coleman notes that we maintain PCI DSS level 1 certification, indicating that we are capable of managing credit card information securely. PCI DSS, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is a set of standards to ensure companies are managing their customers’ credit card information securely, and level 1 is its highest certification.

Best-in-Class Security Processes and Procedures

We also maintain two levels of service organization control (SOC) certification. SOC 1 focuses on how we manage financial data. SOC 2 compliance ensures we’re handling non-financial customer data in a secure way. We maintain these certifications through regular reviews and reports by a third-party auditor.

Separation of Customer Data

Gotransverse is a multi-tenant SaaS platform, meaning our single application serves multiple customers. As such, it’s important that we maintain full separation of customer data so that one customer doesn’t see another’s data. This very issue is one of the biggest concerns about cloud-based software. While we serve multiple customers from the same platform, we’ve made it a priority to ensure, through steps like authentication and user verification, that we’re never sharing our customer’s data with one another.

Up-to-Date Compliance

As data and privacy regulations evolve, so do we, ensuring that we’re operating according to the latest legal standards for security. Most recently, GDPR, which took effect last spring in the EU, has pushed us to provide more stringent privacy and security measures to keep our customer information safe and to be more transparent about what data we collect and how we use it. We’ve also adapted our platform to help our own clients be compliant with GDPR—and will continue to evolve as regulations change.

We know that airtight data security is a critical factor for businesses that want to protect their customers and earn their trust. That’s why, at Gotransverse, we prioritize data security not only for our own clients, but for our clients’ customers, as well. We understand that staying up to date with certifications, regulations, and standards can be time-consuming, costly, and confusing, so we consider it our job to take that burden off clients’ shoulders. That way, the businesses we partner with can redirect their energy and resources to what really matters: driving growth, earning revenue, and building lasting customer relationships.

If you’re curious about our privacy policy, feel free to review the full document here. And when you’re ready to learn how Gotransverse can help your business employ the same security policies and procedures we use, ourselves, we encourage you to schedule a demo today!