We’re excited to welcome Demandware, the industry-leading provider of enterprise cloud commerce solutions, to our TRACT Billing customer roster today. Demandware manages the online presence for some of the world’s largest retailers including Barney’s New York, Brooks Brothers, Crocs, Godiva, Kate Spade and Tory Burch, among others.

Given the company’s growth and expanding international operations, Demandware saw the need to replace their existing billing system with an automated process that would enable greater operational efficiency, ensure accuracy, better support their billing model, and allow for more insightful reporting on customer and business performance.

“Demandware needed a more sophisticated billing system to scale with the growth of our company and our customers,” said Brian Preti, vice president of finance, Demandware. “After evaluating several vendors, we selected Transverse due to their deep knowledge in accounting, experience in complex billing, and because TRACT Billing offered the flexibility and configurability to meet our demanding billing requirements.”

With TRACT, Demandware will reap the benefits of an automated billing system that:

  • Supports the daily accrual of revenue and is integrated with Intaact ERP for seamless revenue recognition.
  • Processes real-time charges for activities based on the terms of each customer contract.
  • Integrates with Salesforce CRM for an end-to-end view of customers, including billing details.
  • Facilitates regular auditing processes.
  • Allows for easy, out-of-the-box or customized reporting on customer behavior and business fundamentals.

To learn how your company can reap the benefits of an all-in-one billing solution, visit the TRACT page or contact sales@gotransverse.com to request a demo.