To survive and grow in today’s rapidly evolving Media and Entertainment sector, providers need to understand rapidly changing market requirements. Customers demand access to media, accurate billing, and customer care at any time, on any device, and across all digital channels. Most of all, customers seek individualized experiences with direct relevance to them.

As a provider, you need to fulfill these growing media, delivery, and monetization expectations and maintain a Price-to-Profit focus. In many sector surveys, respondents are sensitive to legacy revenue streams; not cannibalizing existing margins where possible; incorporating those revenue streams into stickier multi-channel/service offerings; or provide profitable ‘cord cutting’ monetization models if required.

Your monetization engine needs to be cost-effective and easy to implement for simple monetization models like Netflix, Google, and Apple offerings. While also being versatile, powerful, and flexible to support complex legacy and/or international rating/pricing, bundling, Omni-channel and sophisticated regionalized or reseller-based monetization and settlement scenarios.

Choosing the wrong monetization partner or not migrating away from a billing engine/partner that is difficult to support, implement, or deploy new offerings in a timely and cost-effective manner can be disastrous at many levels.

As your partner Gotransverse offers a dedicated Monetization Platform that seamlessly integrates into front and back offices to enable limitless monetization models. We utilize fully-elastic parallel processing designed for internet scale while also providing highly cost-effective shared tenant models or dedicated instances when requested.

Gotransverse supports one-time (pay now), subscription, simple and complex usage billing models. This includes stored value (real-time prepaid), postpaid and hybrid monetization modelson both a stand-alone and adjunct rater basis (e.g. subscription and/or XVOD invoice line items can be output via the Gotransverse Connector Service to a legacy billing engine/partner ecosystem). Subscriptions and billings are supported on an on-demand (prepaid), daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual, semi-annual, or multi-annual basis.

Usage can be augmented with meta-data to provide content, promotional, ad and reseller information for revenue recognition, settlement, and payment distribution. We utilize a high-volume usage pre-processor with client-side (edge) capabilities to pass real-time critical usage and aggregate less time-critical usage for lower infrastructure and bandwidth costs. Incoming usage can utilize ‘triggers’ associated with client/partner-defined values to send promotional notifications and offers. This includes pending postpaid allowance or prepaid depletion or auto-top-up and overage (bill shock) notifications, and more.

Additional features include:

  • The Gotransverse Rating Engine assures an operator selling complex bundles, channels, seasons, sporting events, games, and VOD or channel ‘packs’ etc will charge users appropriately for services (e.g. a user purchased a subscription, an optional series season, with gaming and VOD ‘packs’). Our rating engine prevents charging for an event that is part of core subscription, or an optional season or pack when it is purchased and/or viewed.
  • Advice of Charge’ (AoC) estimates the cost charged to a subscriber before the subscriber uses the service, factoring in current services for that user via API. This is in sharp contrast to typical charging scenarios where a subscriber is provided with information about charges only after they have been incurred. AoC capabilities prevent “bill shock” and reduce the burden on customer service resources.
  • Collections functionality includes payment retries, dunning, and notification engines. Discount functionality includes unique or multi-use discount codes, client defined ’date range’ and number of utilizations per code, and a fixed percentage or specific discount value.
  • Gotransverse is integrated with multiple international payment processors, supporting numerous payment methods globally, and also supports ‘Carrier’ billing.
  • Gotransverse Revenue Management utilizes full general ledger sub-ledger(s) coupled with complex reseller, advertising, and content settlement capabilities on a multi-entity basis.
  • Our Action Framework can easily integrate with any client or partner platform.

When you are faced with a digital transformation initiative or looking to launch an new digitally enabled line of business, understanding your monetization strategy is critical to driving profitability.  Gotransverse supports Price-to-Profit initiatives with rapid time-to-market and industry defining features – no other billing platform even comes close. See how by requesting a demo here.