To have a truly intelligent billing platform you need to have visibility into what your customers are doing to understand leading indicators of change in behavior, whether it be indicators for growth or indicators that they aren’t using your product or service as much.

That’s why, here at Gotransverse, we take reporting seriously, with built-in reporting capabilities that allow our clients visibility to meaningful, accurate information and insights on high volumes of transactions at the drop of a hat.

However, we also understand that in some industries, and for some companies, our standard and interactive reports haven’t always quite fit the bill, and that’s why we’re thrilled to announce our latest premier service, Premier Reporting.

For companies that want to integrate billing data into their company-wide reporting tool or leverage multiple data sets to surface richer insights, Premier Reporting is the add-on to the Gotransverse platform that brings all those capabilities to life.

Here are three ways your organization can enhance its billing data analytics capabilities with Premier Reporting from Gotransverse.

1. Direct Access to Data

With Premier Reporting, you can go beyond the standard and interactive reports included in Gotransverse and access your data directly. This means you can generate faster, more customized reporting across all your core and microservices data.

You have two options for getting access to your data. You can own your own data lake where you store all of your company data or you can access your data in the Gotransverse data lake. Either way, Premier Reporting offers more flexibility and configurability than ever before, empowering organizations to surface the insights they need, right when they need them.

2. All Your Reports in One Place

At Gotransverse, we know too many systems with overlapping responsibilities can lead to inconsistencies, redundancies, and holes in your data. That’s why we pride ourselves on our diverse partner ecosystem, and reporting is no different. So if your organization has a company-wide reporting tool like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI or Qlik Sense — just to name a few — it can integrate with Premier Reporting to access billing and revenue management data and keep all your reporting in one centralized location, in a consistent format, and with a uniform look.

3. Deeper Insights for Better Business Decisions

Finally, Premier Reporting enables organizations to leverage Gotransverse’s integrations with existing systems, including CRMs, CPQs, and ERPs to add more and richer context to every data set. Adding ERP data to billing data, for example, can provide such insights as in-depth profitability and growth dashboards, while revenue data can provide the full, end-to-end picture of your marketing campaigns’ results.

Get the right details you need in your reports so your organization and its leaders can be better informed and confident about business decisions.

While it can feel like a tedious task to check off the to-do list, the reality is that detailed reporting can lead to game-changing business insights and empower significant growth. If your organization is ready to step up its billing and reporting game, we’d love to talk about whether the Gotransverse platform — and the Premier Reporting service — are right for you.

Check out more about Premier Reporting in our data sheet here, read our press release, or contact us to schedule your complimentary, personalized demo.