Have you ever called a service provider with a simple problem, only to be bounced from department to department, repeating your name and contact information over and over and getting zero results? Suddenly the “simple problem” has eaten up a significant portion of your day and left you cranky, exhausted and unlikely to continue doing business with that particular provider.

If this sounds familiar, you know the negative impact a scattered back office and decentralized customer interactions can have on user experience. (And if you’ve worked in one of those scattered back offices, you know the negative impact it can have on efficiency, accuracy and overall productivity.)

The importance of a smooth customer experience isn’t a new concept, but many companies overlook the ramifications of poor customer experience on acquisition, loyalty and the business’ bottom line. For example, the Timken Group has found that 50% of customers tell their friends about bad experiences, and “promoters” (customer’s who’ve had good experiences) are 4.2x more likely to buy again, 5.6x more likely to forgive a company after a mistake and 7.2x more likely to try new offerings. Further, a recent Forrester report found that companies that are leaders in customer experience saw compound annual revenue growth rates of 17%, compared to just 3% for companies with lacking customer experience.

In short, it’s in every business’ best interest to prioritize the customer experience.

So wouldn’t it make sense to centralize data from every customer interaction — from the sales process to contact information to order history to billing — all in one place?

At Gotransverse, we are thrilled to partner with Salesforce to do exactly that. Combining our leading intelligent billing platform with the world’s most popular CRM empowers our customers to maximize their efficiency by syncing products, contacts and accounts across platforms and automating the billing process from within Salesforce.

Gotransverse + Salesforce = Billing Superpower

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Gotransverse’s centralized product catalog syncs with your Salesforce Price Book to simplify all kinds of pricing configurations and enable sales teams to add any combination of offerings from the product catalog every time an Opportunity is created in Salesforce.
  • There’s no more need for duplicate data entry, as accounts that are created or updated in Salesforce automatically sync to the Gotransverse platform, ensuring a complete billing history and accurate invoicing.
  • Gotransverse can integrate with your CPQ to generate quotes and sales orders from directly within each Opportunity.
  • Salesforce’s easy sales automation capacities trigger the order-to-cash process to ensure the right teams get the right information every time a customer places an order.
  • Gotransverse’s revenue management combined with Salesforce’s sales support ensure every follow-on opportunity, including add-ons, cross-sells and upsells, is flagged and managed efficiently.

When you get down to it, what this really means is that everything you need to know about any given customer is stored in one, centralized, easily accessible location, which empowers support teams to provide great service every time.

One of our customers, Edgenet, is a SaaS company based in Nashville that provides retailers, distributors, websites and suppliers with the ability to manage and improve their product content. Edgenet recently upgraded its billing processes by making the switch to intelligent billing with Salesforce integration. Here’s what CFO Adam Ragauskis had to say about the newly improved experience:

“When customers call for support, our product is now synced with our billing, and our billing is synced with our CRM, allowing all of our interactions to be centralized. Customers can expect a fully integrated service experience. By addressing the flexibility and scalability needs that we had, we are naturally able to provide this focus for the customer.”– Adam Ragauskis, Edgenet CFO

With the critical focus on customer experience and engagement, a partnership like Gotransverse and Salesforce seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? Click here to learn more about how to get get started with intelligent billing in your Salesforce environment. Headed to Dreamforce? Make sure to schedule time to meet with our team while you're there.

Michael Beamer is a 24-year technology and business leader with unique experience helping companies maximize the business impact of technology. In his current role as president of Gotransverse, he is dedicated to providing clients a flexible billing touch-point that creates long-lasting customer relationships and increasing customer lifetime value.