I’m thrilled to announce that Gotransverse has been named the leader in enterprise product offering by MGI Research in their Marketing Ratings Report: Agile Billing Solutions — A Buyer’s Guide with additional high scores in management, strategy, and finance.

According to MGI, Gotransverse has “positive momentum” going into 2019, has received a “POSITIVE rating” and “The company demonstrates a strong ability to deploy complex billing configurations with flexibility, speed, and at competitive economics.”

This research is a powerful validation of the work we’ve accomplished, and I am certainly proud of the results.

Ten years ago, I set out with some of the smartest minds I know to purpose-build a modern billing and monetization platform that could harness the promise of the cloud. At that time, I had spent more than a decade in the telecom space intimately involved in building and growing multiple very large market-leading billing companies, which today serve some of the world’s most significant enterprises. Each was designed to solve specific challenges – whether that be billing for wireless, broadband, satellite, or convergent services. As cloud technologies started to disrupt the landscape, my colleagues and I recognized the need to build a true, native, multitenant cloud billing platform. This platform needed to not only handle the uptick in subscription-based services but also quickly and affordably monetize any combination of products and services that could be measured, usually in the form of complicated consumption or usage-based formats.

What we built and what we do is cutting edge – in fact, there is no consensus yet on what it’s called.  It’s not just “subscription billing” – as that is table stakes in the billing world. Is it cloud billing? Agile billing? Agile monetization? Quote-to Cash? The vendors that make up this “space” are not alike. We at Gotransverse are uniquely suited to combine the extensive domain expertise, robust functionality, massive scalability, and utility of those large enterprise-class applications with the speed, agility, and flexibility of the cloud.

Agile monetization (aka “billing”) is not easy. You can’t just hire billing experts to go figure out how to build a solution that will last the test of time. We’ve been as successful as we have because we’ve lived through the trials and tribulations and - frankly - the pain of being faced with and having solved some of the most complex billing challenges in the history of commerce, for some of the most important companies in the world.

People buy from us because we know what we’re doing. We know how to guide them, and our platform delivers. To be recognized for the strength of the platform by an independent analyst firm that is so hyper-focused on our market is a very poignant accomplishment for a team who has brought so much time and effort and expertise to bear.

And that brings me to the Gotransverse Management team, which also ranked one of the highest amongst our peers on MGI Research’s report. Our team has deep domain expertise with roots in telecom, broadband, satellite, utilities, and financial services – some of the most complex business models in the world. What we’ve built, and MGI has validated, is the Dream Team when it comes to taking the most complex billing and monetization scenarios and making them seem simple, affordable, easily accessible, and adaptable to a whole new generation of cloud companies. We added to this talent by recruiting and hiring some of the best and brightest in the industry, whether it be code-slingers, project and product managers, go-to-market folks, and everyone else that allows us to serve our customers.

Our customers want to drive revenue. They want to reduce costs. They want to launch new products on their own, rapidly and without needing a billing specialist. They want to allow their customers to pay for what they consume. And they want visibility into usage and consumption data to feed insights and innovation and even better customer experiences.

They want enterprise-class functionality without the prohibitively expensive and time-consuming change management pain of the past. They also want a solution that is future-proof; that will stand the test of time.

That solution is what we set out to build.  We accomplished that goal and now serve some of the most successful companies in the world.

Congratulations to the Gotransverse team for this industry recognition of a job well done.

See the entire MGI report here.

Onward and upward!