Complex billing models, including subscriptions and usage-based models, are infinitely valuable for businesses and their customers if they’re implemented effectively. To achieve their full potential, enabling rapid business growth, promoting flexibility, and delighting customers, these models must be supported by a billing solution designed for complexity. No matter how well they served in the early days, most traditional and legacy platforms are not equipped with the agility, configurability, or other features required to manage more than the most straightforward, one-off sales models.

An intelligent billing platform like Gotransverse’s, on the other hand, is explicitly designed to tackle complex billing needs, empowering efficiency, flexibility, volume, and growth—now and in the future. Let's look at some of the features of the Gotransverse platform that make complex billing simple.

Usage & Rating

The foundation of effective complex billing is the platform's ability to normalize consumption and usage data and convert it into dollars owed. And no matter which usage-based models a business uses—from prepaid to tiers and tapers to time-based and beyond—Gotransverse’s cloud-native platform can take them in stride. Engineered to be both elastic and parallel, the Gotransverse platform can accommodate limitless volumes and complex rules, so you can set the right pricing you need to get new customers, drive usage, and generate more revenue.

Gotransverse’s complex rating and pricing capabilities include a robust, flexible product catalog that can accommodate any number of products and billing configurations (with zero SKU proliferation, too) and automate product recommendations and pricing variations for complex orders. Through its Marketplaces feature, the platform enables users to create market segregation to support channel partners and empower regional expansion.

Finally, the platform offers the flexibility to configure and reconfigure pricing models quickly, making it easy to test and implement new models as needed, with no delays or lost opportunities.

Billing & Invoicing

Every piece of the quote-to-cash process is critical to the overall billing cycle and the customer experience. Gotransverse's platform handles that process in real-time, making it easy to manage simple and complex billing schedules (including fees and taxes), support global customers, and gain deep insights into your business.

Automated internal and external notifications keep everyone up to date, and transparent and accurate invoicing makes understanding and paying bills frictionless. And, for those payments running late, our collections and dunning capabilities ensure no revenue is left on the table. Throughout the process, our integrated business intelligence tool provides visibility through AR aging reports, revenue waterfall reports, and any number of custom reports and customer-facing statements.

Revenue Management

Finally, billing doesn’t end when a customer swipes their credit card. Revenue recognition is the final step in the quote-to-cash process, and it’s the one that enables businesses to claim the money they earn as a result of all their other efforts. This is necessary to reinvest in talent, product development, marketing, and all those initiatives that continue to grow the business. In addition, Gotransverse platform's configurable, rules-based, accounts receivable subledger enables companies to recognize revenue on any number of monetization models and at any volume.

Like every other aspect of billing, revenue management gets more complicated when you add sophisticated billing models and high volumes. And here, getting it wrong can mean legal and financial consequences. Gotransverse’s fully automated daily revenue recognition capabilities keep you ASC 606 compliant, up to date, and audit-ready.

Embracing complex billing models can be a decisive competitive advantage in any industry. But it also means embracing sophisticated billing platforms that ensure you get the most return on your investment. Gotransverse was built with complex billing at its core, bringing a full suite of pricing, billing, and revenue management capabilities to improve billing operations and power growth. We invite you to take a virtual tour today to learn more about our platform. Then, when you're ready, request a demo, and one of our experts will be happy to discuss whether Gotransverse is the right tool for your organization.