Over the last few weeks, we have been honored to join the TM Program. Today we are thrilled to announce our catalyst project, Supercharge 5G Monetization with a B2B2X Marketplace, is a finalist for a catalyst team award in the "Best Ecosystem Design" category. Catalysts intend to be fast-paced proof-of-concept projects whereby large and small companies collaborate to create innovative solutions to challenges plaguing communications services providers (CSPs). We celebrate the success of our collaboration and our product. The announcement of winners will be on Thursday, October 14th, during the Catalyst Awards Ceremony.

"With hundreds of teams having submitted projects, to be named a finalist is an achievement in and of itself, and we are incredibly proud of our team," said Gotransverse Founder and CEO Jim Messer. We also can't wait to go for gold!"

Our Team

Our project team includes experts from Salesforce, Verizon, M1 Limited, Matrixx, and Mirakl —as well as Gotransverse, of course.

  • Salesforce: The global leader in cloud-based customer relationship management.
  • Verizon: A leading American wireless network operator.
  • M1 Limited: One of four major telecommunications companies operating in Singapore.
  • Matrixx: A converged charging system specializing in 5G monetization for telecommunications.
  • Mirakl: A cloud-based e-commerce software company headquartered in Paris.
  • Gotransverse: A cloud-based software company that enables adoption and revenue growth for companies in any industry through an AI-driven billing platform designed for sophisticated pricing, high volumes, and rating.

"It has been truly inspiring to work with these leaders to design a catalyst project that we know will have a powerful impact on CSPs and their customers," concluded Messer.

Our Project

Our project focused on the question, "How can these diverse companies collaborate to create innovative solutions to challenges plaguing communications services providers"? Our answer to this problem:

"To realize the potential of 5G to differentiate customer experience while also creating new revenue-generating opportunities, communications service providers (CSPs) need to innovate, monetize and scale at speed. Through digital ecosystems, CSPs must partner with other technology providers, devices, and services to drive innovation, attract partners, and maximize 5G B2B and B2B2X revenue streams across every market segment.
"This Catalyst will demonstrate how a catalog-driven monetization platform powers innovation without risk, enabling the co-creation of new 5G-based products, offers, and services via automated multiparty service delivery, partner account management, revenue share, and settlement."

In other words, when it comes to giving the customer the full benefit of 5G technology, CSPs cannot do it alone. With significant competition on the market, the stakes are high to maintain customer mindshare and wallet share. It takes a village, and that village is the ecosystem we are proposing to create, enabling CSPs to leverage existing and new 5G assets and capabilities to generate additional revenue streams through a multiparty, B2B2X marketplace.

To learn more, we encourage you to visit our Catalyst space on TM Forum's website. We recommend you start with the introductory video by our Salesforce Senior Director Abhi Sur, who provides an overview of the project and outlines its three key benefits:

  1. Drive innovation by enabling partners to create new services that leverage network capabilities made accessible by the CSP.
  2. Empower collaboration by enabling partners to do business with the CSP through automation and AI (along with complete discovery registration and service fulfillment capabilities).
  3. Enhance customer value by providing partners with a full 360 view of all stakeholders in the ecosystem. The CSP and partners can work together as a trusted team to meet and exceed the needs of consumers and enterprise customers alike.

Our Nomination

We wish our Catalyst team the best of luck as they prepare for Thursday's award announcement. Your arduous work continuously inspires us, and we are thrilled to see it pay off. Congratulations, team.

Stay tuned as we wait for the winners' announcement on Thursday. In the meantime, to learn more about our billing platform and the growth it empowers for communications services providers (as well as our clients in a wide range of other industries), we invite you to take a virtual tour today.