At Gotransverse, we value partnerships with other enterprise solutions that allow us to help our clients achieve their billing and growth goals. We operate in an ecosystem of leading platforms, from CRMs and ERPs to detailed tax calculations and currency conversion services. We are more excited than ever to announce our newest ecosystem partner: DigitalRoute.

Stockholm-based DigitalRoute’s platform, purpose-built to convert raw usage data into billable items, enables companies to capitalize on the growing wave of usage-based business models. More than 400 companies rely on DigitalRoute for usage-based monetization, quote-to-cash automation, finance system consolidation, and telecom mediation.

“DigitalRoute already has a proven track record working with leaders in telecom and other industries anchoring usage data as part of the quote-to-cash process. Our real-time data processing with built-in error correction enables Gotransverse to generate faster, more accurate invoices,” said Damien Lyant, SVP Enterprise Sales & Alliance at DigitalRoute. “At the same time, we generate valuable data to analyze and validate billing and business models. Taken together, Gotransverse and DigitalRoute offer the ideal combined solution for any business looking to capitalize usage data.”

As the “gold standard” data mediation solution to convert raw customer usage records of any kind into clean data, DigitalRoute is the perfect partner for Gotransverse’s proven leadership in intelligent billing solutions.

Gotransverse + DigitalRoute: A Winning Formula

“This partnership allows us to offer the best market solution available for usage monetization. Our solutions fit perfectly and allow our joint customers to take advantage of Gotransverse billing and DigitalRoute mediation. Working together, we can deliver innovative monetization solutions that shorten time-to-market, offer lower total cost of ownership, and drive more business intelligence.”
- Brian Reid, Chief Revenue Officer, Gotransverse

What makes this such a perfect match?

  • The Gotransverse intelligent billing solution automates rating, billing, and revenue management at internet scale, including product catalog, account management, payments, collections, general ledger posting, and revenue recognition.
  • DigitalRoute’s software can collect and process data from any system in real-time, transforming usage data into clean records for billing and customer analytics.

Combining the two platforms allows customers to launch an enormous range and variety of new business models quickly and easily—especially subscriptions and consumption -based. DigitalRoute makes mediation of even the most complex usage events a breeze. At the same time, Gotransverse automates rating and streamlines the intricate revenue recognition processes that tend to jam up less sophisticated billing systems.

Through this alliance, our two platforms can offer best-of-breed, cloud-native subscription, and usage-based billing solutions, solving complex, high-volume billing and revenue recognition challenges for our clients.

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The Gotransverse intelligent billing and subscription management solution automates enterprise monetization, including billing, rating, collections, mediation, analytics, and revenue recognition. And our robust ecosystem of integrations and partnerships exponentially enhances our offerings, unlocking the full power of our clients' billing data.

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