Nothing Says “Teamwork” Like Burpees.

On April 8th, 15 brave Gotransverse employees woke up early, kissed their loved ones good-bye and headed out in the early morning hours to test their physical fitness and mental toughness at the Fit Company Austin challenge. The Fit Company challenge is a corporate fitness contest hosted by the Fit Company. City-wide challenges are held across the country, and are designed to help companies encourage wellness and teamwork through a series of challenging fitness courses.

Watching the team warm up that morning, I knew we’d have to dig deep to perform at a level befitting Gotransverse. I received a text early that morning from Michael Beamer, our president, to let me know that he’d been stretching all morning and was “now able to touch his knees.” A couple other teammates decided against stretching all together so that they could search out the snacks that they had heard would be provided.

But, when our start time came, and push came to shove, the Gotransverse team did what they do – they put their heads down, they dug deep, they worked hard, they made it happen. Each of our four teams had to work together to complete the requirements at each station while trying to earn as many points as possible. The courses were designed to test the strength, endurance and fitness of the team members via “as many rounds as possible” drills, sprints, obstacle courses and running. And when the dust settled? Gotransverse earned enough points to RANK #1 in the Small Company division. Boom!

I did receive reports later that day of a pulled hamstring and a strained ankle, and there were many, MANY sore muscles that lasted well into the following Monday. (Our Monday morning stand-up meeting was a lucky break for all - getting back out of a chair after you spent Saturday doing as many squats as possible is no joke.) But, victory was sweet, and what we lacked in mobility in the days that followed, we made up for in pride for our company and fellow co-workers.

“It was great to see our employees channel the trust, energy and enthusiasm that they put into building the best product possible into a team fitness challenge. The determination and effort were inspiring,” said Michael Beamer, president of goTranvserse, who, while flexing for the camera, was overheard saying “Sometimes you just have to show up and be an athlete, ya know?”