Money fuels business, and you need consistent, predictable income to keep your business going and growing. Maintaining cash flow is essential. To ensure a consistent income, you need a reliable billing solution. With the right billing system, issuing invoices can be efficient, painless, and, most importantly, accurate.

Too often, financial executives look at their billing solution as a necessary expense.  Incorporating a strategic, agile billing solution when you consider how billing can save money and improve operations, especially when you have a SaaS platform that is customizable and extensible to manage billing.  Here are a few reasons why your SaaS billing solution should be considered a strategic asset that can save your business money:


Billing accuracy is essential to maintaining positive cash flow. When you automate billing using a robust SaaS billing solution, you ensure billing accuracy. The system automatically and accurately applies pricing and terms of service, including tiers, discounts, and other variables, and ensures they are applied correctly.  Billing accuracy prevents disputes and refunds that can affect revenue and generate costs. Billing accuracy reduces friction in payments.


Your SaaS billing solution must be sufficiently versatile to adapt to your growing business. Adding new SKUs and changing the pricing of goods and services should be simple and easy, but there are other considerations. Your billing platform also should make it easy to accommodate sales tax, shipping fees, and ancillary charges. If you are doing business internationally, then billing should be able to handle currency exchange rates as well. Any revenue sharing with partners or third-party suppliers also should be easy to accommodate as part of billing. Seamless and reliable customization eliminates manual errors and promotes frictionless transactions.


One of the primary reasons to adopt a SaaS billing solution is to improve efficiency. Time is money, and the more time you can save by generating accurate invoices, the more money you will save. Using an efficient, reliable billing system frees time and resources, allowing staff to pursue other, more critical business activities.

Subscription Management

Recurring revenue is an increasingly popular business model. SaaS billing simplifies subscription management, including automating renewals and cancellations. Automated subscription management tracks renewals for you, sending pit reminders well in advance to reduce customer churn. Automated billing also ensures that customers aren’t being charged unnecessarily.

Revenue Leakage

Too often, businesses leave revenue behind or waste money due to improper billing. Revenue leakage can occur when you aren’t billing for all your offerings or incorrectly suspending accounts due to declined payments. Sometimes, improper mediation or errors in usage tracking can lead to missed billing opportunities. Using an automated billing platform that integrates with other platforms ensures that you are billing for goods and services provided and plugs revenue leaks.


Analytics is essential to improve business performance. A SaaS billing solution tracks every invoice and payment, providing detailed information that can be analyzed to optimize costs and reduce revenue leakage. Using insight gathered from customer billing and payments, companies can adjust pricing models, eliminate billing errors, and take other steps to save money and increase revenue.

Any company looking to maximize revenue and save money needs a reliable billing platform. An automated SaaS billing system ensures consistent, complete, and accurate invoices. Automated billing also increases efficiency, streamlines recurring revenue management, and eliminates sources of revenue leakage. More importantly, a SaaS billing platform provides the reporting and analytics you need to help identify what’s working and what isn’t so you can lay the foundation for business growth.

The right billing system empowers growing businesses to minimize their time and resources wrangling complex transactions and high usage volumes. By automating key processes with a system that integrates smoothly with other company technology platforms and encourages change, companies can minimize revenue leakage and drive exponential growth. The Gotransverse platform was designed with these growing businesses in mind. We pride ourselves on giving our clients complete confidence in billing accuracy and timeliness to account for every penny earned. We invite you to take a virtual tour of our platform today to learn more. Then, when you're ready, request a demo to talk with one of our experts about whether Gotransverse is the right billing platform for your organization.