Every business team strives for growth and strong product sales. But imagine expecting to sell one thousand units of a product that ultimately sold millions? That’s exactly what happened to Amplifier when they originally signed the LIVESTRONG™ Foundation. The organization projected up to one million units over the first year, but their famous yellow wristbands went viral and drove sales of nearly 40 million wristbands in less than a year.

Such large shipment volume exposed gaps within Amplifier’s operations, and the executive team made the decision to plow some of their extra capital back into the company—investing in technology to improve operational efficiency and customer experience. Amplifier also was able to implement a sophisticated system of warehouse management and customer-facing tools to streamline every step of the logistical process.

Having that system in place, they were able to produce detailed, usage-based invoices automatically but needed a billing system that could keep up. According to Jud Harris, Amplifier’s Chief Technology Officer, “We needed a billing system that could handle the large volumes of highly disparate activities we performed for our clients.”

Amplifier has processed as many as 30,000 orders per day, which can produce hundreds of thousands of related activity records. “The nature of our business is clients doing flash sales,” Harris explained. “It can go from zero to having sold 50,000 shirts in a very short amount of time… Any time we want to cut an invoice, all of the detail is already there and ready to go.” This ensures Amplifier gets paid quickly for services rendered and drives top-line revenue growth for the company.

“With our operational systems and the TRACT® by Gotransverse billing platform, I can tell you how much money we are making by the hour, as opposed to waiting until the end of the week and running reports. That’s powerful.” – Jud Harris, CTO

The Amplifier story is a testament to what Gotransverse can do for XaaS companies with all sorts of billing models. From the complex and scalable, to the simple and consistent, Gotransverse powers the future of XaaS. Ready to turn your billing into a competitive advantage? Learn more here.