2020 is off to quite the start! Who would have thought this new decade would kick off with a crisis of this magnitude?

As COVID-19 has turned our worlds upside down, disrupting personal lives, school, and work in ways we never would have imagined, our communities have reacted with all kinds of emotions: anxiety, frustration, loneliness, and the overwhelm of having to juggle work and school within the same four walls. (And some of us have found ourselves cycling through all these emotions in the same day — or even the same hour.)

Here at Gotransverse, we’ve worked hard throughout the years to build a company culture focused on community, creativity, and resilience. And while that dedication to culture has paid off every single day in creating a fun and collaborative workplace, we’ve really seen it come to fruition in this trying time.

At Gotransverse, our mission is to help companies worldwide drive more revenue, get new products to market faster, gain visibility and increase savings through modernized billing systems that support the sophisticated pricing of today’s digital economy. Today, as the economy is shifting dramatically and businesses are facing so much uncertainty, our mission feels more important than ever — and thanks to our strong company culture, we’re ready to keep pushing forward on that mission, no matter what our workspaces may look like today.

Putting People First

The safety of our team is our number-one concern, and we encouraged our people to begin working from home long before the mandatory lockdown began here in Austin. And we also knew we had the technology to move our work online, but more importantly, we had the trust in one another that made us confident that universal work from home could really work.

Even now, as Texas is opening back up, we’re keeping the Gotransverse office closed. So that’s where we are for the time being. And when we do go back to work, we’re committed to taking it slow. We’re working on a phased approach that blends in-office and remote work, ensuring that at the beginning the office is never at full capacity and our employees can work together while maintaining proper distancing to stay safe.

Staying Connected, Even Apart

We’re lucky to be a team that truly enjoys working together, and that hasn’t changed since we turned out the lights in the office back in March. Our employees are continuing to collaborate digitally, connecting via whatever channels make sense for their particular situations and welcoming each other’s children, pets, and spouses into video calls as we multitask more than ever.

Gotransverse is dedicated to community and transparency, and in some ways, we’ve been even more intentional about keeping one another apprised of what’s happening in the company than we were before the pandemic began. Our twice-monthly company Zoom meetings are an important time for each department to show their fellow employees what they’re working on and request any support they might need, and for the leadership to share updates on the company’s roadmap, through COVID-19 and beyond. These meetings are also a fun opportunity to get the team together to check in on each other and share some love, even from afar.

Of course, we can’t wait until the day when we can hug our colleagues and see our clients face-to-face again. But right now, we believe staying home is the best thing we can do, both for individuals and for the broader community. And while there’s no denying this new “normal” poses some challenges — on personal and business levels — the Gotransverse team is hanging in there, collaborating with each other and supporting one another as much as ever. During this unprecedented time, we’re grateful for many things, and our incredible employees and customers are at the top of the list.