As the global system of record for the advertising world, Mediaocean brings together brands, agencies, media owners, technology, and data partner for end-to-end ad campaign management. This means they’re dealing with high-volume, complex usage-based billing scenarios for their clients’ media placements. How high-volume? How complex? Mediaocean serves more than 100,000 users worldwide, and they’re processing billions of dollars in annual advertising spend with a wide variety of usage-based models and billing activities including tiered rate discounting, monthly usage rating and re-rating, true-up processing, billing hierarchies, invoice generation and distribution, usage data extracts, custom reporting, multi-currency support, data mediation, variable discount rates, and complex tax calculations.

It quickly became clear that Mediaocean’s legacy billing system couldn’t keep up with all this demand. And, with customers investing millions of dollars into their campaigns, the stakes were high for accurate, efficient, and transparent billing. Mediaocean needed a platform that would be scalable and precise, and that would integrate seamlessly with the other systems driving the business.

Of course, Gotransverse was happy to help.

“We chose Gotransverse for three primary reasons: its outstanding ability to automate complex pricing and billing scenarios, its ability to integrate with our existing providers, and its ability to scale with the growth of our global business.” - Doug Polignano, SVP of Finance and Global Controller, Mediaocean

Billing with Gotransverse

Mediaocean uses Dell Boomi to collect and store advertising spend data, so the first step was to integrate the Gotransverse rating engine to rate each advertiser’s grouped services and usage based on custom tiered rate tables. It calculates an exact discount rate for Mediaocean customers with high-volume usage discounts by combining usage from multiple related accounts and services.

While the high volume of data is difficult — if not impossible — to process with a legacy or manual system, the Gotransverse platform integrates seamlessly with Dell Boomi and automates all of those complex calculations before sending Mediaocean’s newly processed data off to Netsuite for the next steps in the billing process, including final invoicing, payments, accounts receivable, credits, and dunning.

All of this with minimal hands-on intervention and maximum transparency, allowing the Mediaocean accounting team to check in on any step of the order-to-cash process for any account at any time.

Mediaocean’s Business Results

“Our customers use our platform to manage campaigns across a myriad of media and services, investing millions of dollars in the campaigns so there is no room for error. Gotransverse gives us the accuracy and visibility we need to help customers realize the full potential for our sophisticated advertising workflow. Our billing team was excited to see that the Gotransverse billing system could handle our high volumes, was more accurate at invoicing than our legacy system, and reduced our close time 22 percent.” - Doug Polignano, SVP of Finance and Global Controller, Mediaocean

You’ve heard us say that, here at Gotransverse, we measure our success based on our clients’ success. And we’re proud to say that our partnership with Mediaocean has been a big success. By standardizing billing operations with the Gotransverse platform, Mediaocean has achieved three important goals:

  • Scale processing and rating of billions of dollars in advertising spend
  • Improve billing accuracy to up to seven decimal points
  • Shorten time to close billings by 22 percent

All of these outcomes lead to enhanced customer experience, minimized billing friction, and an increased bottom line for Mediaocean. We couldn’t be more excited to see how they leverage these improvements to drive continued growth, and we would love to talk about how Gotransverse can help your organization reach its own goals through streamlined, automated, agile billing. We invite you to read our full Mediaocean case study and take a tour of the Gotransverse platform. When you’re ready, request a demo, and one of our experts will get in touch to talk through your billing needs and how our platform can help.