Digital business innovation requires a robust and nimble technology stack that not only scales quickly when the market demands, but integrates quickly as part of an overall digital ecosystem. Today's digital tech leaders rely on cloud-based platforms with sophisticated Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and webhooks to provide complete end-to-end business solutions.

With digital services rapidly expanding in so many different forms—mobile, streaming video, Internet of Things (IoT)— it is the API and webhook features that provide vital communications between existing operational infrastructure platforms and newer, more nimble cloud-based processes. As the trend of managing bimodal IT increases, especially in digital business, so does the tension of managing separate software platforms. Intelligent use of APIs and webhooks alleviates this friction by connecting disparate data streams and eliminating swivel chair data entry.


APIs Critical to Digital Business Success

According to Forrester, “APIs and SOA (service oriented architecture) are critical to digital business success” (A Developer’s Guide to Forrester’s Strategies for API Success). This is why Gotransverse uses a strategic approach to architecting our APIs and web hooks in TRACT, our Agile Monetization Platform. Designing a coherent layer through which program data can pass securely, allows enterprises to leverage more functionality of core operational platforms.

TRACT is an “API first” driven platform and has had a robust API library since its inception. In upcoming releases over the summer, we will be releasing several new webhook interfaces to allow TRACT to coordinate with different types of external systems in an easy and consistent manner. These webhooks will enhance the action framework model that currently exists in TRACT with more consistently defined interfaces to common functions in external systems such as ERP and CPQ.

Here at Gotransverse, we also embrace incrementally improving our API functionality with every enhancement we introduce to TRACT. By combining the implementation of pragmatic API and webhook models with a variety of industry standards, we are proud to have one of the most robust and easiest to use integration frameworks of all the leading agile monetization platforms on the market today.

Do You ❤️ Your API?

Poorly developed APIs are frustrating and make it difficult for development teams to work with. They not only hinder innovation but also can open enterprises to unnecessary potential risks. Developers need not only APIs, but also webhooks to simplify the interaction between disparate, distributed cloud-based systems. By working with strategically architected APIs and webhooks, like in TRACT, enterprises can create tight integrations across bimodal enterprise implementations.

The digital economy has unleashed a huge opportunity for agile application development. To get maximum value from the millions of monetizable events happening every day, enterprises must be able to rely on standardized ways to pass this information reliably. Having access to a robust and easy to use API and webhook infrastructure, enterprises can provide superior digital experiences at scale.