When we think of communication service providers (CSPs), we likely focus on the phone companies that have enabled us to call and text each other for years. And while those are still undoubtedly big players in the communication space, today’s CSP industry expands beyond telecommunications into all types of applications and services that keep us connected around the globe, 24/7. These include B2B and B2C companies that offer cell phone service (with all the add-ons we know and love), digital messaging applications like iMessage and WhatsApp, and unified communications solutions that streamline and centralize the various channels we interact with daily.

The market is rapidly changing for these CSPs as we launch into the 5G era, especially as the marketplaces grow in popularity and customers demand more connectivity than ever before. Thriving in the constant disruption of the digital age doesn't necessarily require CSPs to radically change their core offerings (though innovation is always a plus). The key to staying ahead of the competition will be how these service providers operate. This means adopting the business models, processes, and platforms that empower them to stand out by offering customers exactly what they want and how and when they want it. With a wider variety of bundles and offerings, growing marketplace partnerships, and higher volumes than ever before, modern CSPs need the infrastructure to bring products to market quickly, harness and leverage customer and usage data, and ensure smooth transactions for every user.

Billing Is the Foundation of Modern CSP Infrastructure

It may seem counterintuitive, but billing is the cornerstone of a thriving modern CSP's tech ecosystem. The billing process touches every step of a customer's interaction with a company, from the initial quote to the final payment (and beyond). So, as CSPs embrace ever-more-complex business models, they must find a billing platform that can support that kind of complexity and empower, rather than hinder, the growth they're striving to achieve.

Call us biased, but the Gotransverse platform could be just the ticket. We pride ourselves on our ability to support traditional voice communications and digital services, enabling CSPs to flourish in the digital age. Here’s just a brief look at how we do it:

Communications Billing Expertise

We strive, at Gotransverse, to be more than just a vendor. We consider ourselves partners, working side-by-side with our clients to create the billing models they need to achieve — and exceed — their every revenue goal. And we’re uniquely positioned to build those partnerships with CSP clients.

Founded by billing experts with hundreds of years of combined experience in communications and enterprise billing, Gotransverse runs deep with monetization domain expertise. With the aid of our expert implementation team and solutions architects, along with quarterly business reviews from our customer success team, you can trust that your billing needs will be taken care of every step of the way.

Limitless Monetization Models

When it comes to monetization, there is no "one size fits all" billing model. Rather, subscription and usage-based billing come in countless different flavors, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Many traditional billing platforms are adept at handling one or two billing models, but balk at any more agility than that.

Gotransverse, on the other hand, specializes in sophisticated pricing models and can accommodate any customer seeking to take advantage of one-time, subscription, and consumption-based pricing. Additionally, we are uniquely adept at handling the challenges of B2B marketplace billing, which is critical for CSPs wanting to deliver a world-class 5G experience to their customers. An advanced rating engine with in-house mediation that can correlate, aggregate, augment and transform data at breakneck speed is a key tool for any communications provider striving to make it ahead in the industry, and Gotransverse was designed to deliver.

Native Cloud Solution

If there’s one thing we learned from COVID-19, every business must learn to expect the unexpected—preparing to make the most of the highs and weather the lows—whether seasonal or surprise.

While many on-premises billing systems are designed to meet standard capacity effectively, scaling (either up or down) leads to logjams, wasted resources, and inefficiencies any company can ill-afford. On the other hand, cloud-based, agile billing systems are designed to expand and contract at a moment's notice, empowering businesses to flow with the market, whether they’re looking at steady growth, unplanned dips, or seasonal changes in demand.

Built as a native cloud SaaS solution, Gotransverse has the elasticity and parallel processing to scale with your business and requires no updates, being automatically streamlined with the most cutting-edge technologies and integrations. Our connector service supports out-of-the-box connectors to numerous common third-party tools, making it easy to plug into existing systems you have.

Low Cost

Finally, we know that, while billing is priceless — and while a powerful billing system pays for itself in its capacity to both grow revenue and prevent leakage — margins are tight for many businesses, so it’s critical to find a billing system that meets current and future needs without breaking the bank.

Platforms that meet the complex requirements of communications billing are generally very expensive. This is because the software is typically on-site and requires large servers to accommodate the high volume and processing needed to keep up with high-end mediation and rating. As a native cloud solution that can expand and contract with data pulled over the platform, Gotransverse passes the cost savings on to our customers so they can get all the functionality they need, minus the big bill.

Gotransverse has been named a leader in the billing usage and subscription space by Forrester, Gartner, MGI, and more. To learn why — and to learn how we can help your CSP company adopt the billing strategy it needs to thrive in the digital age — we invite you to contact us today to schedule your complimentary, personalized demo.