I enjoy spending as much time as I can with our clients to understand their business growth plans and current challenges. A common theme in these discussions is business scaling.

During my nearly 20 year tenure running IT solutions for a fast growing, billion-dollar public company, I learned that selecting the right technology was more about the company’s and solution’s ability to handle future complexities at scale as opposed to trying to solve a specific requirement today. Why? The only requirement in a system that is constant over time is “adaptability” or “scale.”

Often, the term “scale” implies repeatable processes, technology and volume. But scale has to go beyond these traditional definitions. The elastic computation capabilities of the cloud have leveled the playing field for most SaaS providers to meet those demands.

When I talk about scale, though, I am talking about “business scaling.” Gotransverse provides technology that supports the traditional definitions of scale but also has limitless capabilities to monetize anything that a business can measure.


I predict that the next wave of disruptive companies will have an elastic infrastructure to support the next generation of business and monetization paradigms. They will experiment with a variety of pricing and packaging options to drive adoption - and ultimately revenue - through a combination of monetization strategies including one-time, recurring and usage- or consumption-based models. It’s the flexibility in packaging, dynamic pricing and subsequent revenue recognition that will allow these companies to flourish and adapt: this is business scaling.

Looking only at today’s system requirements, such as the need to move towards a simple recurring revenue model, will hamper your growth in the future. This is why many of our clients have come to us: the system they purchased in the last year or two cannot handle the dynamic nature of their business.

In order to build for business growth, you must build for business scale.

No other platform solves the challenges of traditional and business scaling better than TRACT® from Gotransverse. To talk to one of our monetization experts, email sales@gotransverse.com or call 1-866-654-1617.