As Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and subscription become ubiquitous business models, companies are transitioning from existing software products and developing new platforms at a rapid pace. But the traditional approaches to operations that once accelerated the business — heavy customization of applications, homegrown band-aids, manual or complicated work arounds — are now the proverbial albatrosses slowing it down.

More and more, software providers are seeking scalable, agile, intelligent billing platforms that they can easily plug into their existing CRM and ERPs in order to achieve appreciable business outcomes. In this post, we’ll explore one SaaS provider who is accelerating their time-to-market, easily adopting new pricing models and reducing their operational overhead with Gotransverse.

Hitting Limits with Existing Systems

This SaaS provider offers a premier suite of product content and configuration solutions used by top retailers, distributors, media websites and suppliers for top brands such as Lowe’s® and AutoZone®. Despite 20 years of successful business, their sales processes and billing systems were beginning to hamper growth. The limited flexibility and inability to handle consumption-based packaging, pricing and discounting scenarios was inhibiting the expansion of service offerings and causing them to lose out on potential new clients. In fact, many of the original programmers of the homegrown system have since left the company and the smallest changes were no longer allowed for fear of operational meltdown. Massive Excel® spreadsheets with complicated macros were now the standard protocol for pricing changes, invoice calculations and more.

Selecting an Intelligent Billing Platform and Vendor

Notwithstanding the operational challenges of the legacy billing system, two strategic initiatives were also driving the search for a new billing platform: 1) changes in pricing models and 2) adopting a more proactive sales approach which included implementing Salesforce®. After an extensive and highly competitive due diligence process, Gotransverse was ultimately selected as the provider of choice. The company learned during their discovery that it was not only important to have a truly configurable platform to meet their current and future needs, but they also needed a partner with the deep monetization and billing experience to help guide them as they restructured their pricing strategies.

Creating a ‘Frictionless’ Selling Environment

With Gotransverse’s assistance, their product catalog was simplified by 72% without compromising the pricing sophistication of their new offerings. This made it easy for sales to proactively push bundles, discounts, up-sells and cross-sells without creating one-off customized packages that confused and complicated the selling process. The sales team was also able to eliminate duplicate data entry and manual intervention because of the interoperability between Gotransverse and Salesforce, saving time and focusing energy on closing deals rather than administrative tasks.

Streamlining Financial Operations

The front-to-back office automation also saved finance thousands of hours in manual work-arounds, pricing calculations and duplicate data entry. The ability to control pricing in one system ensures that the entire organization is working with the same information - from sales to accounting, reducing the likelihood of discrepancies due to human error. The native revenue recognition capabilities of Gotransverse’s platform also reduces the chance for errors and the need to restate earnings.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Under the previous system, support representatives often fielded questions that lead to detailed and lengthy explanations of the subscription and usage charges that made up the total invoice. This confusion not only created customer frustration, but missed opportunities to up-sell into new tiers of service. Gotransverse’s ability to rate, re-rate and pro-rate usage charges and clearly present them on invoices helped the company give full transparency into the components that made up any given invoice, ultimately increasing overall customer satisfaction.

Charging Forward with Gotransverse

This is just one of many SaaS providers who has chosen to partner with Gotransverse to gain the agility and flexibility needed to experiment with new pricing models, streamline operations and reduce customer churn. Contact us today to learn more about the customer featured above and to see how Gotransverse can help your SaaS business flourish and grow.