The Spring ‘19 platform release focuses on new premier offerings, accounts receivables innovation, globalization, and extensibility of the platform with a new reporting offering, the next iteration of our general ledger, notification language support, a new tax integration, product rebranding, and more.

“Flexibility in monetization allows our customers to find the right models that allow them to rapidly launch new products and services and grow revenue in smart, personalized ways” says James Messer, CEO of Gotransverse. “The Spring ‘19 platform release includes new features that bring them even more flexibility with their intelligent billing platform.”

The Spring ‘19 release features include:

  • Premier Reporting - A new premier service offering that gives you direct access to your billing and revenue management data through a Snowflake data lake
  • General Ledger 3.0 - Upgraded to include a robust user interface, support for multiple ledgers, trackable change history on charge records, and more flexible charge information management
  • Preferred Language Support: Additional global support by setting a preferred language for customer notifications
  • Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Tax Integration: Gotransverse now supports OneSource as a tax processor integration
  • Platform Rebranding: We evolved our brand in the application, including new Gotransverse styling, logos, branding, and a name change of the product from TRACT to Gotransverse (GTV)