Your organization has decided it’s time to step up invoicing and revenue management with an intelligent billing platform. Maybe you’re shifting to a variable pricing model or you’re expanding to service a global market or you’re just growing so quickly that your legacy system can’t keep up with the transaction volume.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to start the search for a sophisticated billing solution, but there’s one hitch: it’s not a standalone system. In reality, it is part of an ecosystem of solutions that you will be evaluating which will like include components from multiple vendors to keep your front and back offices running smoothly. In many organizations, an ERP, a CRM, and other tools all store and manipulate key data, and they all automate critical aspects of your business. It is common to evaluate your billing solution on a list of primary business-oriented features, but something often overlooked is the integration with your other critical systems.

The key is to be sure these systems integrate with one another seamlessly to avoid redundancies or gaps in data and processes. And traditionally, this hasn’t been easy. It’s required purchasing additional software, paying professional services hours to implement APIs, or manipulating an existing legacy process to do the job. All of these options are costly and time consuming — often causing more trouble than they save.

But here at Gotransverse, we recognize the importance of integrating with other systems so they work together seamlessly, freeing your team up to focus on what’s really important. That’s why we developed the Gotransverse Connector Service, which creates simple connectors that make integrations easy, enabling you to take advantage of third-party product features and set up data transfers exactly the way you need, without impeding business operations.


Connector Service Reduces Development and Implementation Time

Traditional integration methods using orchestration engines and APIs generally require users to have in-depth knowledge of their systems’ inner workings. Professional services are typically required to get these processes built and configured correctly so that two systems can interact with each other. Often, expensive licensing costs are required for the software that drives the integration, and there are ongoing support and maintenance costs as well over the lifetime of the integration.

With the Gotransverse Connector Service, a more “plug and play” option is available. It’s optimized for flexible data transfer among systems and includes connectors designed specifically for each third-party product and customized to leverage each product’s unique features. What’s more, Gotransverse’s technology makes it easy for us to add support for new third party systems over time as our customer base demands.

And, when it comes to setup and configuration, you’re not alone, either. Like all Gotransverse services, our Connector Service comes with white-glove support. Our team works with yours to understand and meet your specific integration needs.

Gotransverse’s Partnerships with Key Providers Make Connector Service a No-Brainer

From Workday to Salesforce, Oracle, NetSuite, and more, Gotransverse’s existing partnerships with top service providers mean we’re well-equipped to provide your organization with the integration it needs to streamline every facet of operations. Thanks to these partnerships, you can convert raw billing data into general ledger entries, sync your product catalog with your sales book, manage customer relationships, create deeply insightful, real-time reports, and more, all in one place, without sacrificing the features and functionalities you love or worrying about the data gaps and redundancies so common to disconnected system networks.

Are you ready to step up your billing game — and streamline your systems at the same time? To learn more about the Gotransverse Connector Service and what it can do for your organization, call us to schedule your complimentary, personalized demo.