It’s been a while since we talked about what’s new in TRACT®, our cloud-based, internet-scale billing and revenue automation platform. Highlights include a native accounts receivable subledger, best-in-class reporting and analytics, and unsurpassed product packaging, pricing and billing flexibility.

We believe that Gotransverse has the only true SaaS platform with a sophisticated rating/metering engine and native entitlement management on the market today.

Jim, our founder and CEO, summed it up nicely:

“Our vision for TRACT has always been to take the best parts of highly-complex and massively scalable custom billing systems commonly found in the communication, utility, media and entertainment industries to a broader market.

These new capabilities allow for market-leading companies to quickly scale their business without being constrained by old paradigms and limitations of ERP and CRM systems. If they can measure it, we can bill for it—truly offering them a chance to package, price and monetize any of their innovative product and services.”

Thank you to all of the team members who worked hard to make TRACT® a formidable competitor in the marketplace and Gotransverse a leader in the emerging usage economy.

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