The Gotransverse team is thrilled to share that Forrester has featured our billing management solution in two of its Q3 2021 Now Tech reports: B2B SaaS Recurring Billing Management Solutions and Recurring B2C SaaS Billing Management Solutions.

“The billing experience is pivotal to a customer’s journey — an experience whose emotional potency is particularly evident when something goes wrong,” says Forrester in the introduction to both reports. “But evolving business models make it harder to get billing right. Simple one-time transactions are giving way to complex, recurring business models, and pure B2B and B2C businesses are diversifying and become B2Any.”

The purpose of these reports is to help B2B and B2C businesses, respectively, identify billing vendors who can do support them in three key aspects of modern billing:

Easy Pricing Model Configuration

“Firms need to be able to configure, model, and test potential future business and pricing models independently, without the need for IT…” says Forrester. Proving again that the only constant in the B2B and B2C landscapes these days is change. Whether customer demand is shifting or outside disruptors (such as global pandemics) are upending the marketplace, businesses need to be able to act fast to update their pricing models in order to stay valuable and relevant to their customers. When making those updates requires intervention from IT or other specialists, by the time the change is complete, the business is more than likely behind again. But a billing platform like Gotransverse, that includes easily configurable catalogs and pricing rules make updates frictionless, enables businesses to change rapidly to stay on top of the market.

Long-Term Customer Relationship Management

Forrester notes that, when it comes to recurring revenue solutions, more emphasis should be placed on retention than acquisition. In fact, in a recent webinar with Gotransverse, PwC’s Jared Schreff noted that 80 percent of customer lifetime value occurs after initial sale. So while that first sale is critical, businesses really need to be focusing on end-to-end processes that make the customer experience seamless long after that initial transaction. This includes automated workflows that manage changes in the customer lifecycle to keep customer-facing service and communication — along with internal processes like revenue management and reporting — up to date. These streamlined, automated processes keep relationships strong and give those long-term customers every reason to keep coming back for more.

Insight into Recurring Customers and Revenue

“During digital transformation or business model changes, it’s particularly important that businesses have accurate, relevant, and actionable recurring-customer- and recurring-revenue-based insights.” We couldn’t agree more, and would add that those insights are important not only during times of transformation, but all the time. Near-real-time, rich customer insights can support businesses in everything from enhancing products and services by watching how users interact with current offerings to predicting (and preventing churn) by catching signs that customers are disengaging — whether for reasons related to the business or to shifts in the economy — and finding ways to bring them back in before they disappear altogether.

At Gotransverse, we pride ourselves on supporting our B2B and B2C clients in all of these billing scenarios and more, and we’re honored that Forrester recognized our achievements in these areas. To learn more about how the Gotransverse billing system empowers growth, drives revenue, and creates a frictionless customer experience every step of the way, we invite you to take a virtual tour of our billing platform today. Then, when you’re ready to decide whether this platform is right for your organization, you can request a demo to learn more.