As I reflect on Workday Rising – held Oct. 1 - 4 in Las Vegas – I continue to be energized by the customer and partner community that Workday has built and the space Gotransverse occupies within it.

Personally, this was my first year attending Rising; the conference itself is an exciting juxtaposition of all that Workday represents.

Workday Rising brings together a massive and passionate customer, prospective customer, and partner base excited to learn about the future features and capabilities being delivered via applications such as Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management. People are the key to finance and HR, and the Workday community is a fascinating organizational cross-section that represents different functions, experiences, and perspectives that come alive during the event.

Workday Rising also fosters an ecosystem of specifically-curated services and software partners that help deliver on customer satisfaction, one of Workday’s core values. I was excited to meet with Workday Services Alliances partners such as Accenture DayNine, Deloitte, and Alight at the event to learn about the innovative methodologies they’ve each developed to shorten delivery timelines while increasing productivity. I also spoke with innovative software partners that extend capabilities within the Workday ecosystem. For example, I met representatives from Accurate Background, a trusted provider of automated workforce screening, which gives customers the ability to complete employment background checks, drug testing, and verification services without having to leave the Workday application. At a conference happy hour, I discussed the innovation going on at HireVue, another Workday Select Partner, that is combining predictive and artificial intelligence into a video interviewing platform that promises to deliver higher-quality candidates, faster, during the recruiting process. As part of the Workday partner ecosystem, we’re excited to see what fellow partners are up to.

I was also impressed by the thought leadership and learning opportunities present at Workday Rising. Workday invited industry-leading speakers to share their opinions from a diverse set of industries and verticals. A couple of the standout speakers included Andre Agassi (tennis legend) and Michael C. Bush (CEO of Great Place to Work). Each spoke of messages about going further together, with a special emphasis on inclusion. I specifically remember one set of tips from Shane Snow, entrepreneur and best-selling author, who gave three “hacks” on how to foster intellectual humility and inclusivity:

  1. Force yourself to switch sides during an argument.
  2. Start your ideas with, “I could be wrong, but ...”
  3. When you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to admit it with, “I don’t know, yet ...”

Gotransverse was honored to be a partner exhibitor at Workday Rising. As a Workday Select Partner, we’re working to design an integration that allows customers with high-volume or high-complexity business models to use the Gotransverse intelligent billing platform with Workday Financial Management. It’s through our partnership with Workday and integrations like this that we’re helping our customers go further together.

We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Workday Rising, which is being held Oct. 14 - 17 in sunny Orlando, Florida!

Derrick Snyder is the Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances at Gotransverse. Bringing his experience from pricing strategy at Deloitte and big data at National Instruments, we’re pretty sure he might actually be an artificial intelligence system.