Expands sales and marketing for accelerated growth.

Transverse, the leader in activity-based billing, today announced an investment of $22 million (U.S.) from German investors. Transverse will use this investment to expand operations and increase sales and marketing efforts for TRACT® – its cloud-based, all-in-one subscription management, rating and activity-based billing platform.

"This investment in Transverse, and its TRACT flagship billing platform, is in line with our history of committing to long-term, sustainable business models,” said Bernd Schmielau, the investors' general manager of technology investments and commercial real estate and partner of Siedentopf KG. “Social media and cloud-based services have changed the way we consume products and services, and also how companies can bill for those activities. We believe Transverse is uniquely positioned to support the new billing models of a cloud-centric world."

"Our growth since launching TRACT in 2011 reflects the critical importance of monetizing customer usage or activities, and the need for modern systems to help businesses generate more profit and build lasting relationships,” said James Messer, CEO and co-founder of Transverse. “This investment allows us to support our rapidly growing customer base, build strategic partnerships and fuel our sales and marketing activities.” The investor controls a family of companies headquartered in Germany. The group’s international divisions cover commercial real estate, coffee and fruit processing and trading, a music television network delivered via satellite TV, IPTV, the Web and mobile, and Transverse as the primary technology investment in the U.S.