Reduced time-to-market, flexible payment processing and robust analytics from TRACT empower Archiosoft to quickly implement personalized billing options for customers.

Transverse LLC today announced TRACT – its all-in-one subscription management, rating and activity-based billing platform – has been selected by Archiosoft, an emerging SaaS provider of scheduling tools for doctors, dentists, schools, and others. TRACT will enable Archiosoft to expand its offerings using different subscriptions, discounts and payment options.

“TRACT gives us the flexibility to repurpose and integrate different offerings according to our target audiences’ needs and preferences,” said Mark Chiles, CEO and co-founder of Archiosoft. “With TRACT, we can create tailored customer billing based on different parameters and variables for each service, audience and device type.”

Within months of launching, Archiosoft has been able to use TRACT to create many service offerings – from simple to sophisticated – without infrastructure or licensing fees. These offerings include Archiosoft’s new ArcStats cloud-based network infrastructure monitor; its E Scheduler physician office online appointment scheduling tool; and its class project management service for schools. For each service, TRACT manages discounting, renewals and recurring payments, as well as auto-subscriptions.

The end-to-end billing processes associated with each activity are completely automated, freeing Archiosoft to focus on its core competency: improving customer experience. “We want to eliminate the hassles that could plague our customers, so we use TRACT to manage subscriber profiles, registrations, add-ons, and all aspects of subscriptions,” said Chiles, who believes the tactical and strategic benefits of TRACT will be ongoing. "With TRACT, we'll have the flexibility to evolve and monetize new service offerings according to what our customers need.”

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