Company that Pioneered the First Measurable Approach to Optimizing Wellness Programs Turns to Activity-Based Billing to Improve Customer Experiences.

Austin, TX - November 5, 2012 - BioIQ, a health improvement technology company, has chosen the Gotransverse automated billing platform — TRACT® Billing. BioIQ will use the TRACT® Billing platform to scale its business to meet rapidly growing customer demand, automate and streamline billing processes, and create customized billing solutions to capture revenue streams from a wide array of services and offerings.

“Our business is growing exponentially as employers focus on the health and wellness needs of employees. TRACT Billing will enable us to scale to meet our clients’ current needs, as well as recognize buying trends and customer preferences in the future,” said Courtney Woods, Director of Operations at BioIQ. “In selecting TRACT Billing, we found a solution that will integrate with our CRM and accounting tools, allowing us to focus on our core business.”

Based in California, BioIQ works with some of the largest national employers and health plans to conduct employee health screening programs, generate actionable health data, and measure the effectiveness of wellness efforts. Its unique health-screening platform allows participating individuals to detect chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease and to track vital health metrics via a secure web portal. BioIQ also offers the industry’s first integrated, customizable, and measurable approach to optimizing investments in health and wellness programs. BioIQ’s clients see a significant increase in participation in corporate wellness programs and are better equipped to implement and support employee wellness initiatives.

“Billing is more than invoicing and payments. It’s a strategic differentiator that can help businesses to continuously innovate,” said James Messer, CEO and co-founder of Gotransverse. “TRACT Billing will enable BioIQ to create a combination of services, pricing, and payment options tailored to the needs of their individual customers and continue to stay ahead of the competition by identifying and responding to emerging customer trends.”

Gotransverse’s TRACT Billing will allow BioIQ to streamline and automate their formerly manual billing processes. TRACT Billing’s customizable dashboard will allow BioIQ to see all of their customers’ activities and ensure that they are accurately charging for services, including complex revenue recognition tracking such as equipment field time and associated activity.