InFocus will leverage SaaS carrier-grade rating, charging and billing to quickly monetize services and improve the customer experience.

Austin, TX

TRACT, the all-in-one activity, rating and subscription billing platform developed by Transverse, has been selected by InFocus Telecommunications to manage the billing and invoicing of cloud-based PBX services.

According to Rick Karlegen, Co-Founder of InFocus Telecommunications, TRACT was selected because of its sophisticated rating and charging capabilities – something he considered critical for billing of international calls. “The complexity of international calling rates and the volume of CDRs alone were enough to make us look for a platform that would be capable of rating, metering and billing for anything anywhere,” said Karlegen, adding his business will benefit from TRACT's ability to rapidly adjust complex rules, tariffs, taxes and regulations across domestic and international lines. “The rate tables can involve tens of thousands of international rate locations, which can result in millions of call combinations, which TRACT handles without a problem,” said Karlegen.

Now that InFocus is set up to rate, charge and bill for domestic and international telephony and network services, the company can process Event Records across a broad spectrum of customers.

“By sorting through Event Records and managing the many rate plans and service resources InFocus customers use, they can measure for each event – whether a phone call or other ‘activity’ – as well as determine the direction [inbound or outbound], and the applicable rates based upon the origin-and-destination combination,” said Scott Lumish, Chief Revenue Officer for Transverse.