Austin, TX - March 24, 2015 - Gotransverse, a leader in the usage economy, announced new capabilities for TRACT®, the cloud-based, internet-scale billing and revenue automation platform. Highlights include a native accounts receivable subledger, best-in-class reporting and analytics, and unsurpassed product packaging, pricing and billing flexibility. Gotransverse is the only true SaaS platform with a sophisticated rating/metering engine and native entitlement management on the market today. TRACT Spring ’15 is available immediately. More information can be found at

“Our vision for TRACT has always been to take the best parts of highly-complex and massively scalable custom billing systems commonly found in the communication, utility, media and entertainment industries to a boarder market,” said James Messer, Founder and CEO of Gotransverse. “These new capabilities allow for market-leading companies to quickly scale their business without being constrained by old paradigms and limitations of ERP and CRM systems. If they can measure it, we can bill for it—truly offering them a chance to package, price and monetize any of their innovative product and services.”

Capabilities in TRACT Spring ’15 include:

New - TRACT Accounts Receivable Subledger:

Native to TRACT is a GL subledger for accounts receivables and taxes. The subledger is highly flexible and automates the revenue recognition process by supporting a multitude of complex business and accounting rules.

  • Support agreement considerations across multiple units of accounting for every sale and/or order, per company defined revenue recognition rules.
  • Manage revenue recognition on a daily basis taking into consideration various factors including: service period, agreement length, customer lifetime metrics and milestones.
  • Select from 120+ (and growing) GL rule templates for many different business scenarios and revenue recognition requirements.

New - Dashboards in TRACT Reporting and Analytics:

Highly configurable dashboards allow users to readily parse, compare and analyze customer data giving near real-time visibility into financial data and revenue streams.

More Flexibility - TRACT Billing and Receivables:

The backbone of TRACT is the flexible billing engine that supports any revenue model from one-time purchases and simple subscriptions to complex, usage-based models. TRACT is configured to handle massive volumes of data at internet scale, passing only necessary information back to the company’s general ledger(s) of record.

  • Change an account’s bill cycle by account and/or in bulk (i.e., bill cycle management).
  • Enablement of account hierarchies.
  • Ability to spread charges of a single-priced item over multiple invoices.
  • Enhanced discount management including overriding discount amounts and modifying the service period of a discount.
  • Allow payments to post to a previously billed period.
  • Define authorization amount by credit card type.
  • Upgraded Hosted Payments page including UTF-8 support and enabling injection of values into the iFrame.
  • Allocate lockbox payments to specific invoices.
  • Manage addresses at a service level for taxation purposes.
  • Internationalization within a single-tenant including: multi-jurisdictional taxation, multi-currency support that includes currency conversion of GL normalized to base currency and multi-byte character handling.

Additional Customization - TRACT Product Catalog:

Maintain product and pricing information for all products and services offered in one location. TRACT’s flexible product catalog allows for multiple product configurations, services, terms, prices, and discounts. Quickly see all products available, not yet available, and no longer available for purchase from a single view.

  • Upload images for product categories as well as to invoice messages for advanced customers.
  • Supports negative charges as different types of discounts.
  • Added capabilities to handle fractional (decimal) quantities, e.g., 1.5 KW.

More TRACT Integrations:

An extensive library of REST and SOAP
APIs enable the integration between ERP, CRM, and other business critical systems used by our clients. TRACT is vendor agnostic, allowing our clients to extend the life of systems already in place.

*Native meaning built on platform using Apex and VisualForce.

About Gotransverse

We help companies monetize anything that can be measured. Founded by a management team with over 100-years’ experience delivering complex billing offerings for some of the world’s largest enterprises, Gotransverse created TRACT® to combine flexible usage-based billing with insightful revenue and audit management. Our customer base includes publicly traded and privately held companies typically technology-focused in cloud solutions, digital entertainment and media, IoT, M2M, logistics and hosting/managed services. To learn more about how subscription billing can revolutionize your business, please visit

Media Contact:

Heather Burton, Vice President of Marketing at Gotransverse