Fixing revenue leakage yields higher ROI and improves overall business performance while increasing customer satisfaction

AUSTIN, Texas (November 29, 2021) – Gotransverse (, the leading provider of enterprise order-to-cash solutions, is hosting a webinar on Thursday, December 2, entitled, “The Elephant NOT on the Bill – Addressing Revenue Leakage.” The webinar will include a presentation by MGI Research, an independent research firm focusing on agile monetization. The webinar will also review the prevalence of revenue leakage in all businesses, the causes of revenue leakage, and potential solutions.

During the presentation, Sean Daniel, Chief Financial Officer, and Brian Reid, Vice President of Sales for Gotransverse will be discussing ways to recognize and reduce revenue leakage with Andrew Dailey, Managing Director of MGI. During the webinar participants will learn:

  • How to add 3-5% or more to your top line without adding products or increasing sales.
  • The multiple causes of revenue leakage.
  • Successful strategies to reduce revenue leakage and increase profits.
  • How addressing revenue leakage can improve customer experience, increase customer satisfaction, and improve competitive differentiation.

“Revenue leakage affects companies of all sizes in all industries,” said Reid. “No business is immune from it, and it can have a measurable impact. Revenue leakage is the most ubiquitous challenge in billing.”

There are multiple potential sources of revenue leakage, such as errors in invoices, an inability to connect service suspension to billing, offering discounts to mitigate customer concerns, inability to accurately calculate revenue splits, a lack of accurate data about customer entitlements, and more. Often revenue leakage is the result of inadequate billing systems or an inability to automate billing systems. One of the best strategies to reduce revenue leakage is to implement a billing system that promotes accuracy and has the agility to adapt to changing customer needs and business models.

“Too often there is a gap between what you contract to deliver to a customer and the fees that are actually brought in the door,” said Dailey. “We typically see two things driving revenue leakage: billing complexity and an increase in sales volume. This is especially true with quote-to-cash since the relationship with the customer is dynamic, organic, and continually changing.”

“When you are looking at 5% or more of your revenue being lost, fixing the problems that cause revenue leakage will yield a much better ROI than the investment required to add 5% to your bottom line,” said Daniel.

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