AUSTIN, Texas – May 15, 2018 – Gotransverse, the award-winning leader in intelligent billing and dynamic monetization solutions, today announced the Spring ‘18 release of their platform. This release helps customers improve support for complex business environments and creates better customer experiences and through pricing, invoicing and discounting enhancements.

“Our Spring ‘18 release is focused on enhanced support for the intelligent billing needs of complex enterprise environments,” said James Messer, CEO of Gotransverse. “Businesses of all sizes find themselves facing increased pressure and competition as they strive to grow wallet share, adjust their business models to respond to changing consumer expectations, and transform their business to take advantage of advances in technology. Our latest platform release showcases the flexibility of our platform, allowing more powerful combinations of discounting, invoicing, reporting and extensibility across the enterprise than ever before. Substantial performance improvements further underscore the power of our Spring release as we continue to support the mission critical billing touchpoint for many of the world’s largest brands.”

New Discount Hierarchy Provides Enterprise Discounting Flexibility, Reduces Costly, Manual Efforts, and Creates Better Customer Experiences

The new discount hierarchy functionality was built to power complex, enterprise-class business discounting across the entire billing hierarchy. Leveraging the microservices architecture, this new functionality lets users predefine virtually limitless combinations of multivariate business logic in the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) service. Based on these predetermined rules, aggregated discounts are applied at the Account, Order and Order Item discounting level. The platform can then apply cumulative discounts across the entire Billing Hierarchy. This functionality extends the discounting capabilities of the Gotransverse platform. Complex discounting allows customers to create the most profitable and attractive product combinations, apply incentives and discounting to increase adoption rates and revenues, without time-consuming and error-prone manual intervention.

Invoicing Improvements Provide Flexibility, Allow Quicker Response Rates, and Ensure Cash Flows

We’ve enhanced our manual invoicing/credit memo capabilities, enabling ad hoc invoicing, notifications and taxation. Clients are now able to respond more quickly to needed changes and provide a higher level of visibility and customer service. Additionally, invoice hierarchies can be set so clients have flexibility and choice when it comes to how they will be invoiced - via one invoice for the Master Account, or separate invoices for each of the Child Accounts. This improves the ease of doing business and simplifies invoice reconciliation, leading to less cumbersome billing cycles and quicker cash flows.

Cross Service Volume Pricing and Cross Account Usage Improvements Provide Discounting Across Complex Business Hierarchies, Improving Customer Experience and Powering Profitable Relationships and Improving Customer Experience

A cross service volume pricing feature has been added to the platform tiered pricing model. Previous enhancements allowed clients to define pricing groups comprised of multiple products and services to determine tiered rates, allowing you to reward your best customers for buying more, regardless of product line. The latest enhancement extends this functionality across multiple accounts to enable discounting across complex business hierarchies.

A key feature related to this, called cross account usage pricing, has also been enhancement. This gives clients the ability to track yearly usage across entire groups of companies that form these complex business hierarchies. This allows tiered discounting to be applied at any given time, based on aggregated consumption rates across the multiple entities. Once the agreement concludes, the system resets for the new, subsequent discount schedule to begin again. These features allow complex organizations to incent their best customers with the deepest discounts possible, without a need for manual intervention from a billing specialist.

High Volume Usage Processing and Enhanced Bill Cycle Runs Lead to Substantial Performance Improvements

Improvements to usage rating, rerating, database queries and back-end validation processes, lead to usage performance improvements when processing millions of events. In addition, marked improvements have been made on bill cycle runs for accounts with 10 million or more usage events, allowing clients to process events faster, invoice, bill and rate at massive, global scale.

Continued Usability, Flexibility and Extensibility Improvements give Clients More Options for Billing, Integrations and Reporting Then Ever Before, Including:

  • Updated “charge information records” augment the amount and type of information that can be sent to the Gotransverse A/R subledger, allowing customers to more effectively and holistically mine and analyze customer data.
  • New "on demand" billing notification feature, extends the capabilities of the product by creating notifications when bill batches are complete. These notifications can be used to send email notifications or trigger system level events. A payload of information can now be created and sent to a third-party system including service entitlement, CRM, or ERP systems for analyzing or triggering further action.
  • New usage rating capabilities provide more flexibility for complex rating scenarios, bypassing Parent Account rules for those of the Child Account when appropriate
  • Prepaid account enhancements allow clients to use prepaid/gift card amounts as part of the complex usage rules. The platform can now look at balances when determining how much to charge, failing if the prepaid balance is zero.
  • Improvements to the Billing Hierarchy allow you to invoice to a main address or service address, ensuring proper invoicing and taxation, improving efficient revenue collection and tax compliance.

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