Gotransverse Presents as Silver Sponsor and Reviews Strategies for Subscription and Usage-based Billing of MGI Research’s Monetize Forum 2021

AUSTIN, Texas (January 18, 2021) – Gotransverse (, the leading global provider of enterprise order-to-cash solutions, will be reviewing the company’s vision as to what lies ahead in sophisticated monetization and complex billing for organizations seeking to capitalize on recurring revenue. In a session entitled “Sophisticated Monetization: Planning for the Future,” Gotransverse executives will outline why 2021 promises to be the year of the usage-based economy and how intelligent billing strategies provide the flexibility and scalability to capitalize on subscription and usage-based billing. Monetize Forum 2021 is a free virtual conference scheduled for January 19 and 21.

“MGI Research’s Monetize events have proven to be a valuable forum where you can meet with industry leaders and review challenges and changes in digital business strategies,” said James Messer, Founder and CEO of Gotransverse. “The 2020 pandemic has affected pricing and billing models for businesses around the globe. Participating in Monetize 2021 will allow us to see what has changed and meet with influencers and decision-makers to explore new financial models and identify new opportunities. Lessons learned are sure to shape the future of digital business models and provide guidance for enterprises on how to best utilize today’s leading monetization platforms.”

Scheduled for Thursday, January 21, at 12:45 PM ET, “Sophisticated Monetization: Planning for the Future” will explore:

  • The growth in subscription revenue services in recent years. In 2020, streaming and entertainment subscriptions boomed with the pandemic, and other markets such as boats, cars, books, pets, and educational services all saw a boom in recurring revenue from subscriptions.
  • The future growth in pay-as-you-go revenue. Consumers are starting to tire of paying for subscriptions and opting for usage-based payments for movies, television, and other services, adopting the Uber and Airbnb model. B2B users have seen more usage-based and metered billing for services such as AWS, media buying, shipping, and SaaS usage.
  • More emphasis on usage-based services will impact recurring revenue. Successful businesses are finding ways to balance recurring, metered, and consumption-based services to create predictable revenue.
  • How to use data and analytics to optimize consumption-based billing. Rating and mediation metrics, combined with usage data, provides new insights into sales and reveals new areas of potential profit.
  • Optimization and globalization tactics for usage-based billing. What specific variables do you need to consider to accommodate regional sales taxes, partner commissions, exchange rates, and more?

Gotransverse is working globally with industry leaders in several markets, helping them monetize new business models that rely on subscription and usage-based billing. Many of these customer deployments require agile billing strategies to test new products and new pricing models, including integration into CRM and ERP systems and back-end business applications for faster, more accurate revenue recognition.

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About Gotransverse

Gotransverse provides cloud-based software that enables companies to operate as a subscription business model, including the often-challenging aspects of usage-based pricing and monetization at internet scale. Founded by globally recognized billing experts, the company offers an intelligent billing and subscription management platform that automates the subscription order-to-cash process, including billing, rating, collections, mediation, analytics, and revenue recognition. Gotransverse was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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