TRACT pairs innovative activity-based charging and billing with AvaTax to provide seamless, flow-through sales tax compliance.

Austin, TX

The latest release of TRACT's Dynamic Revenue Management™ – the only all-in-one activity-based rating, billing and subscription commerce platform – is preintegrated with Avalara's SaaS-based AvaTax software for global location- and jurisdiction-based sales tax calculations.

The combination of TRACT and AvaTax allows TRACT users to streamline tax calculations, and to automate the end-to-end Activity-To-Cash™ and Order-To-Cash cycles.

With the TRACT/Avalara integration, TRACT users will realize:

  • Seamless calculations of complex taxes at order time and invoice time
  • Multiple tax rates for different products based on any location or jurisdiction
  • Complete tax remittance process support using AvaTax
  • Global presence, as Avalara supports taxation regulations in countries around the world
  • Tax reporting out of Avalara and TRACT

"TRACT and AvaTax work seamlessly to provide an end-to-end charging and taxation solution. After the tax is calculated in AvaTax, TRACT inserts into order receipts and recurring invoices the appropriate amounts," explained Stephan Pahlke, Vice President of Product Solutions, who believes this functionality gives TRACT users a stronger foothold in the world of subscription management, which involves a multitude of taxable activities.

Because AvaTax simplifies sales tax calculation and remittance – even for diverse product catalogs comprising many different product categories, tax rates and rules – it is a perfect fit for TRACT, which requires an equally capable taxation engine for its advanced activity-based charging features.

It’s that complementary relationship that Avalara CEO and co-founder Scott McFarlane believes will be a win-win for customers: “We are proud to add Transverse to the list of leading providers that have chosen to incorporate our widely deployed sales tax management services; Avalara will open up a host of possibilities for TRACT users, who now have comprehensive enterprise tax reporting and can leverage our more than 100 integrations with leading eCommerce and accounting applications such as MS Dynamics, NetSuite, Shopping carts.”

He added that having AvaTax customers leverage TRACT’s usage-aware rating and sophisticated Order-To-Cash and Activity-To-Cash capabilities will help Avalara customers strengthen customer relationships and create sustainable business models.

To find out more about the TRACT/Avalara integration and its availability in an “on-demand” environment, request a demo.